October 9, 2009

The French Cream Duchess

This one lives in my bedroom and is going to stay there (for now!)

The French Cream Duchess - Before

The duchess as it looked when I purchased it...lovely mirrors, nice lines and beautiful handles, but crying out for a French Country makeover!

The French Cream Tallboy

The cream tallboy turned out beautifully and I had originally planned on keeping it for Sophie's room but it was one of my 'test sale' pieces and was snapped up super quickly!

October 6, 2009

We are back from our holiday....

and I am itching to get painting, but it will have to wait until school holidays are over!  Waiting for me when we returned from Marlborough and Nelson were some packages from Vistaprint containing all sorts of goodies that I had lots of fun designing a few weeks ago....business cards, magnets, labels, a rubber stamp, a large sign and some very cute Unicorn postcards personalised for Sophie.  They keep sending me emails saying I can order more free stuff and it is so much fun, I might just have to have another wee look.....