March 28, 2010

The True Blue Hutch is nearly complete...

I just have a little bit more distressing to finish today, then I'll take some photos of the finished this space!

Then I have to have a think about what I am going to start next...actually no I don't, I will be finishing some half-done projects that I pushed aside so I could get onto my first custom order.  There is a duchess with lovely rope carved edges that has been sealed and has the first coat of cream paint on it.  It has a matching bedside that I have already finished but not taken photos of yet (must do that!).  The other thing half-done is a cute wee retro-style piano stool (that's what I think it is, anyway)...most unloved in its 'before' state but will look super cute once I have finished it, hopefully!  I have almost finished painting the wooden box part of the seat, then I will recover the seat/lid in red and white polka dot oilcloth.  The chromed legs will come up beautifully with a scrub, I'll put it all back together, and then all will be revealed.  I am also painting a little lamp table for my mother, in cream.  It has a couple of coats on it so far and is looking much better already....I am still always amazed and impressed about what a coat of paint can do!

OK, so I have lots to do....better go paint!

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