April 23, 2010

Here is what is next in line...

I bought these a few months ago and planned on painting them to sell.  But yesterday I decided they would work perfectly in my daughter's room....once they are painted white of course!

 I think that the mirror looks too big and heavy for the duchess, and besides, I want to have the option of placing the duchess under the window (I love moving furniture around, as well as painting it.  I never sit still for long.)  So I think I'll paint the mirror to match, and hang it on the wall in Sophie's room.  What (almost) 6 yr old wouldn't love a mirror that large, hung at shorty height, to admire herself in?

I am really looking forward to seeing this in white...I have done lots and lots of furniture in cream, but this will be my first in white!  Wish it wasn't 10pm and dark right now...


  1. these are great pieces......and they will look fantastic when you are done with them:)

    have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks so much, I think so too....hopefully I'll have some time to get started this afternoon when we return from the ANZAC Parade. Hope your weekend is going well :)
    xx Karen