April 10, 2010

Some chair revamps

are what is on my mind at the moment...no painting this last week due to school holidays.  So I dragged the kids to an auction house on Thursday and came home with an oak tea trolley, a retro formica and chrome dining suite, a standard lamp base, a coffee table, some little bud vases and a china jug.  Sorry, I haven't taken photos yet, but I will, I promise!

The retro dining suite is gorgeous, the table is caramel and red and the four chairs match, although they are a bit tired and would benefit from reupholstering.  After thinking it over, and talking to my upholsterer man, I have decided that is what I'll do....these suites are quite sought after here at the moment, but it is still hard to know whether spending the extra money on reupholstering them will equate to a higher sales margin...I'll soon find out, I suppose!

Today I picked up a 1960's swivel office chair that is currently mustard vinyl.  Here she is here:
As soon as I saw her I thought how gorgeous she'd look in black and white polka dot oilcloth.  My upholsterer man told me that oilcloth probably wouldn't stretch around the back but bless him, he said he'll try!  I hope it works :)  Will keep you posted....

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