April 23, 2010

This week's projects...

are complete, and it feels great!  I was really out of the painting groove for two weeks over the school holidays, and am so happy to be back in it this week.

I finally got finished a lovely french-style duchess that I had started on quite some time ago.  It has a matching bedside cabinet as well.  I purchased them off an elderly lady who had bought them around 40 years ago from McKenzie and Willis, an upmarket furniture store in Christchurch.  They were still in lovely condition, and she wasn't happy with me when I said I was going to paint them...but I had to...they just weren't my colour.  Here they are:

Yes that is a 'French Country Furniture' swing tag hanging off the bedside...this changing name lark is hard work to get everything sorted!  That will teach me, argh!

My other project this week was a really speedy one, mainly because it was to keep, and it was much needed in our bedroom to store hubby's clothes.  We got a lovely new super king bed a couple of weeks ago and that has spurred me on to get the rest of our bedroom just how I have imagined it for so long...still lots to get finished, but at least these drawers are done.  Here they are:

There were straightener burns on the top of these, along with various other dings.  After using all the mouse sander papers that I had on hand, I gave up and used builders fill instead.  Much easier!  Check out the autumn sky I was working under yesterday...just stunning.

Smooth surface sealer coat...done!

How come kids and dogs can't help themselves but jump in the way when you are trying to photograph furniture!?  LOL

The drawers post-painting, distressing and waxing.

 All finished and in place.  The rimu tray underneath has the DVD player in it...thought it looked better there than on top of the drawers!

Nice legs! ;)
Well, that is me for now.  But I do have another burning project for my daughter's room, and a fresh tin of white paint I bought yesterday...now I am back in the groove, it won't be long before my next reveal!

xx Karen


  1. You do beautiful work! I love the french set.

  2. AHHHH Beautiful. Everything looks better white! Love the dressers.

  3. They're both fabulous pieces! I especially love those first pieces. I'm with you on the white - they look amazing now!

  4. Ooooo...that French dresser and side table are gorgeous!! I love that style and always go for it when I find it. We are two peas in a pod. With all of the furniture you work on, I'm sure you'll be linking up to FFF often. :)