May 8, 2010

Also this week

I completed a project for my own home that has taken quite a while.  I bought this little sideboard/cabinet/not sure what it is called maybe even a year ago, to sit the TV on in our bedroom.  I washed and sealer-coated it pretty much straight away then got bored with it and really wanted to have the TV set up on it, so it stayed like that.  Then it became redundant when a couple of weeks ago I did this. (sorry, you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of this link to see what I am talking about).  I was sure this little cabinet had a use so I thought I'd paint it up and then see what it said to me.  I was so excited to have some renewed energy for this piece that I forgot to take a before shot.  This is the best I did:
By that stage I had already painted the insides in a duck egg blue/green (Dulux Punakaiki).  I always paint the insides of cupboards, as I feel that even though you can't necessarily see them, it gives a nice clean fresh feel to a piece, which is important to me, since they are second hand and mostly very well-used pieces.  So I had thought that maybe I'd do the inside duck egg just for a wee surprise and then paint the outside cream (my cream of choice, Dulux Cape Colville).  But that paintbrush with the duck egg on it just didn't want to jump out of my hand and before I knew it, I had this:
Ah well, I love this colour anyway.  And by now I had a plan of where 'she' would to my husband's side of the bed as a bedside cabinet/nightstand.  It has lots of storage space and importantly, room for books to be stored.
I was pretty rough with the sandpaper on this piece, and I love how it turned out!
I even did a wee surprise inside the drawer using vintage wallpaper - not very manly, is it...but my man is very secure in his masculinity and doesn't care one bit (in fact I don't think he even notices frilly details like that!)
And it doesn't match at all what I have just put on my side of the bed, but I don't mind at all...
A vintage oak tea trolley that I bought at auction a few weeks ago.  I am thinking about painting it white, but for now I am quite liking it as it is.  See the tiny wee blue thing in front of the tissue box?
It is a Marguerite Daisy that my three year old son picked out of the garden for me this morning.  He showed it to me, then said 'I'll put it by your bed for you' and I thought no more of it till I went to take some photos just sweet boy xxx

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  1. Oh Karen, thats such a great cabinet! It fits great by the side of the bed. Its really a great size and could go anywhere and I love the color of course!

  2. That cabinet looks great! The colour is very cute and I love the happy flower surprise inside the drawers! Such a lovely touch!
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. wow- i love the hardware you chose for it! it makes such a difference!!! great job and gorgeous color!

  4. Great cabinet, and I'm glad your paint brush just kept on painting. I love that color! Also, thanks for visiting my blog (sorry it took me so long to visit yours!).

  5. Wow you do amazing work, if only I could get Stan to realize how wonderful reused furniture could look, how about convincing him for me.