May 8, 2010

Finally I got some feet for my retro chairs

and hauled the lot inside today for some photos.  They are now up for sale on Trademe.  Miss almost-6 wasn't happy that Mummy was selling them, she thinks they are very cool and that we should keep them...sorry, honey!  Much as I love the colour, they just don't go with my kitchen walls...
And I love the colour (Dulux Benmore Half) of my kitchen walls, 2 years after I painted them (which is a good effort for me!).  I would have posted a photo of my whole kitchen, but it still has the dining suite taking up most of the floor, and there are Polly Pockets all over the bench :-/
So here is a photo of the dining suite with its 'socks' on...
I am so pleased with it, and hope it goes to a good home, I am sure it will, the buyers will have good taste, that is certain :)


  1. This is such a great table set. I am picturing it going to some young fun hip couple! It looks to be in perfect shape!

  2. I love that set~and I'm not usually a fan of red. You did such a fabulous job on them that I'm sure they'll go really fast.