May 23, 2010

This week

my daughter turned 6, so I don't have any new furniture projects to show off. 
I'll always be a Mummy first and a furniture-upcycler week I'll be right back into it!
I just love that look of sheer and utter joy on her face in this shot!


  1. aaaw! i am with you- bring mama always comes first! your daughter is beautiful! looks like she had an awesome birthday!

  2. Oh happy birthday to your sweet little girl! She certainly looks like she was enjoying her day!

  3. Happy Birthday to the cutie and the cake looks so adorable:)

  4. Thanks, Lou Lou...yes it is Mummy-made....with a little help from a supermarket icing image of Hannah Montana :) I piped the decorative icing using my grandmothers Tala Icing Set, lots of fun!