June 12, 2010

More for my to-do pile!

As if I don't already have a large enough to-do pile, I added to it this week.  Oh well, at least I don't need to worry about where my next project is coming from, and I won't be bored for quite a while!  Here is what has arrived in my stockpile this week...
A pair of solid Rimu bedheads - I can envision these in a boys room, painted in either an inky blue or a dark grey (and distressed, of course!)

A really chunky, large blackboard.  I am not entirely sure what I will use this for but I figured it may come in handy for when I have a market stall (or my own shop!).  In the meantime, the kids are having a ball with it.  Today it had written on it 'For Sale Sophie & Lily's Shop' as my daughter and my niece kept me company running their 'shop' while I painted and pottered with my projects :)  Here they are here, in their 'shop', wearing their 'uniforms' (Sophie's chinese dresses)...

The lady that I bought the blackboard off was moving to Australia and getting rid of lots of her possessions.  She had a sewing cabinet that didn't sell in her online auction, so she offered it to me.  Of course I couldn't say no, lol.  Because, I need more projects :-/
  Plain, but a wee cutie, nonetheless.  I am sure she will come up a treat!
A couple of  'old-school' daybeds, both from different sellers:

Very similar in design but not identical.  I plan on painting the frames in Antique White then recovering the squabs, not sure in what yet but I am thinking that a french blue mattress ticking stripe would look pretty neat and fit in nicely with the fact that they are mattresses, after all :)  They would make an excellent addition to a kids room - somewhere to sit/lounge when piled with cushions, but also an instant spare bed that doesn't have to look like one all the time.  I might even keep one of them...

So I got straight to work on the darker stained one, gave it an all-over sand with my mouse sander and then a soapy scrub down.  Tomorrow weather permitting it will get a sealer coat of paint. 
And my last purchase about half an hour ago, this bed - I haven't picked it up or even seen it in the flesh yet!  But I couldn't resist the frenchy lines of the bedhead and end.  Of course it needs to be white...

I also scored a mirror today, one of those long ones - dress mirrors I think they call them.  I had spotted it a couple of weeks ago at our local Charity Barn, but it was over the back in the 'no go' area.  Never having been one to let that stop me, I asked the lady if the mirror would be for sale.  She said no, because she needed it for customers to use when trying on clothes.  I accepted that and left, then on the way home remembered that I had an unused but plain framed dress mirror in my garage.  I thought if I offered her that one, she'd sell me her one.  So I went in there today planning on asking her that, and she said that she actually had another mirror that had come in and she was 'saving' it for me!  How sweet of her to even remember!  I looked at it then gently told her I liked the original one better, so she said she'd put the other mirror up and I could have the one I wanted, yay!  Here it is here, 'not 4 sale' message and all, lol:
 I wasted no time pulling the backing off and removing the mirror glass (haven't tried cleaning the writing off yet, wish me luck!), gave it a hot soapy scrub, and a sealer coat of paint.  Tomorrow weather permitting (again, well it is winter!) I'll spray it with my Rustoleum Flat White.  And clean that mirror.


  1. Love the blackboard and the stripey daybed.

  2. That stripey bed is so fun....I love stuff like that:)
    Kisses and have a great Monday:)

  3. Oh, I love that head & foot board. Very Frenchy...we have the same taste. :)