June 3, 2010

Recent Antics

Yesterday I picked up a reupholstered cushion that belongs on a white metal scrolled telephone table.  Today I scrubbed the frame of it down and sprayed it using Rustoleum All-Surface paint in Satin White.  I'll post a photo of it once it is all done, just needs another coat of paint tomorrow...but boy, does that paint cover well!  So it should for 5 times the price of cheapie spray paint...

I also dropped off two more peak-backed chrome kitchen chairs to my upholsterer.  He is doing those in red dotty oilcoth for me, that way they will go with the Retro Dining Suite in Caramel and Red as I have had some enquiries as to whether I have 6 chairs.  I decided to do them similar but not identical, as if the suite sells with 4 chairs, I may have had a hard time selling another two chairs in that colourway, but red dotty on its own is always popular and fits in well with many colour schemes.

Today I also sprayed a wee table that  I recently purchased, using the same Rustoleum paint.  Here it is here:
I wasn't loving the gold scrolls or the horrid 'school window' safety glass with embedded wire on the tabletop.  So the scrolls are now white, and I am thinking about what to replace the top with...probably plain glass, but I'm not sure yet.

This morning I found two cute little chrome legged stools that I'll have recovered in oilcloth - one red dotty and one pink dotty.  This is what they look like now (yuk!):

Now, how is this for U.G.L.Y.
This is the photo from the online auction I purchased it off.  Nice shapes, shame about the colour.  What I couldn't tell until I picked it up, was that someone had slapped that orange paint straight over laminate veneer, so it was chipping off in chunks....arrrgghh!  I wasn't going to give in though, as I know this will look stunning in Antique White with a glaze over it.  So I sanded, and sanded, and sanded...
Then I got out the heavy duty scraper, and it worked a treat, got the paint off the tabletop and shelf without leaving any marks in the surface.
This is how she is now, after a bath (I just noticed you can see the reflection of the telephone table in the tabletop because it is wet).

Lastly today I pulled the old upholstery top off an art deco piano stool.  This is the before shot:
I am planning on painting the box the same as this one but I'll do a different fabric on the top.  The woodwork has had a good scrub down today and is now waiting to be painted.

I have had a busy and productive day....I love days like that!
xx Karen


  1. Hi Karen,
    You do an amazing job with your furniture makeovers, I don't know where you find the time.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  2. Great new projects...Cant wait to see how those pieces will look after the makeover!!!That table is so beautiful!
    Kisses and have a great day:)

  3. hi karen! i can't wait to see what you do with all of these pieces! i especially can't wait to see the table. it's going to look sooo good!

  4. Wow you are busy! I can't wait to see how these turn out. How fun to watch it in progress....Lisa~

  5. Very pretty!I love the lines on the little table...so disciplined of you to sand it so well before painting! :) -shaunna

  6. I love those little chrome stools and can imagine them in oilcloth.

  7. Gee, all in one day...you're a machine!
    Thanks for the link to HorganS. Google is usually my first stop but I came up empty on this one. You obviously had a better look than I did :o)

  8. Hi Karen. Ahh, yes I see you've got quite a few stools to work on! Looking forward to seeing the results!