June 23, 2010

What I have been up to

First of all, sorry that my posts have been a bit irregular lately!  I am finding this winter weather and temperature very frustrating, it doesn't combine well with trying to paint furniture in your garage.  I dream of having a 'proper' studio and one day I will...but at present I have to work with what I have got.  So, what have I been working on?  Still seem to be buying more than I can get finished!  My business depends on not only people liking and buying what I produce, but also the continued availability of old furniture with great potential.  I think that I have a fear that the supply of old furniture will run out...even though that ain't that likely!

So anyway, I am going to recap with before photos then I PROMISE I shall have some reveals tomorrow.
Remember this 'beauty'?

I blogged about it here.  You'll need to scroll down a bit.
And this, in the same blog post as the 'orange roughy':

Well, here is a wee peep of what this is turning into...
Also in that post, I talked about a little telephone stool but I didn't take a picture of it.  That is finished now, with the Mod Podge drying as I type.  Just need daylight to take a photo of it, which I haven't got right now.

I have also almost finished painting the frame to this daybed...in Dulux Antique White USA:
And I haven't gone and looked for some fabric to cover it yet...looking forward to that shopping trip!

till tomorrow,
 Karen xx


  1. You sound so much like me, plenty to keep you going for a while,lol. Too bad about the cold weather but at least you have an excuse unike moi, I'm just a bit lazy.
    Can't wait to see all the "afters".

  2. That's a cool daybed. It's going to be fun to see the transformation. :)