July 7, 2010

Answer to a recent comment

said this: 
Karen, I love the gray as well! Did you dry brush it also or use glaze? Perhaps both? Also, Do you ever top coat your pieces with something clear? 

 I replied:

On this one, after I sanded it, I used a Liming Wax which is a beeswax base coloured white.  There was no dry-brushing or glaze on this piece.  On other pieces I have dry-brushed cream or off white paint to get that limewashed effect, but this time used the 'real thing' and I am pleased how it turned out.  The liming wax has to be used on a deep colour or it just doesn't show up.  I don't normally do a clear top coat because the wax is enough to protect it, and I use a product called Resene Smooth Surface Sealer as my initial coat which means anything you put on next will stick to it and not chip (it is fantastic stuff).  In saying that though, I have just started using a 'glaze' and after my first piece (the Little Brown Side Table) was dry, I stood over it to admire it dripping wet from the rain and a drip landed on the table and washed the glaze off, lol, so yes, I redid it then put a spray polyurethane over the top to seal it :)  I have just about finished a really frenchy style single bed head and end and have glazed that with a water based wood stain so will also clear coat that in poly (non-yellowing).
xx Karen


  1. Karen, thanks for all the information! Very helpful :) I will have to look for the liming wax. I have a couple of cans of the Briwax. One clear and one a brown color. Both are great to use but would love to try the liming wax!

  2. Good info, I'm always wondering about the best way to seal - I like to use wax as well but I always worry about chipping. I may try that surface sealer you recommended!


  3. Hi Karen, I don't come across that many blogs that I have to read from beginning to end but I think we have that much in common that I cannot wait to get stuck into your blog. Love meeting others that do up furniture and sharing tips. Whow I am in for a long read today with coffee in hand. Sandy xx