July 10, 2010

The duchess, so far...

It is not finished yet, but here is the progress.  First, what it looked like when I got it:
It does have two mirror posts, and a lovely bevelled edge mirror...but I had to take the other post off to fit it in the car to bring it home, and didn't put it back on because I decided to paint it with the posts off completely so it could also be used as a sideboard, or chest of drawers, or whatever...without the mirror.  I always paint the backs of my pieces, and didn't like to think of someone buying it, then removing the mirror posts, and leaving big ugly darks strips down the back!  

(Yes I know that they would be against a wall and you'd never see them...but I am funny like that, lol).

Anyway, so it doesn't look TOO bad in that photo above...well here is what the top actually looked like:

That required sanding, and lots of it!  (I must get myself a dust mask!)  Then the painting started....and here it is now, several coats later and not finished yet:
 And a picture of the top, for comparison's sake:
Still needing one more coat I think, then some distressing and glazing, but looking so much better already!

xx Karen


  1. It looks lovely so far. It really doesn't matter how many transformations I see or do...I am constantly amazed at what paint can do!


  2. I am loving the duchess and can't wait to see it when it's finished! The curves are perfect. Fingers crossed I find one like it soon! Thank you so much for putting my button in your sidebar. I don't think I thanked you yet!

    I'm following you now too. I just learned that I can click "follow" on the little bar at the top when the box isn't available. I'm catching on!

    Have a great weekend,