July 10, 2010

Glory box, so far...

Another project I am part-way through, that I wanted to show the progress on.  Here is the 'before':
This is made of mahogany and quite a retro style, much plainer than the things that I am normally drawn to, but I could see this looking gorgeous with some paint-and-new-handle-magic...was I right?
My lovely friend Tracey bought these gorgeous porcelain knobs for me in India...not just these ones, but a selection of designs and colours - I was blown away by her kindness and the efforts involved in getting these to me!

Thanks again, Tracey!

The main part of the box still needs another coat, and the lid needs painting (in the same grey - I love that colour!)  I have painted the inside grey as well.  The lid has a cool little hinge thing that holds it up and stops it slamming, very handy...could be a great toybox!  I must say, painting with a darker colour is so much easier than painting with white or cream...I find I need a minimum of 4 top coats to get a coverage I am happy with (and that is using top quality paints)...but with a colour, 2 coats and we are all good!

But I do love white furniture....
xx Karen


  1. That glory box is looking gorgeous with it's new paint and handles. That sure is a great colour. You're right about the coverage of darker colours, so much quicker.

  2. Hi Karen yes agree with you and Ange about the darker colour paints. They cover so well and less coats needed which is what we like. This glory box is super cute. Back from the markets bacon & eggs are calling. Sandy xx

  3. Looks great, Karen! I like the color you chose for the box and the knobs are fun! They really pop on the grey paint.

  4. The knobs are beautiful. But I think, the feet of the box (I hope feet is the right name) are typecal. And if I try to redesign a box like this, I try to change the feet. The like the colour.
    Best regards.

  5. Hi Karen, lovely job And the colour is lovely, cheers katherine