August 24, 2010

Family Room TV Cabinet

This past couple of weeks I have been working on a project for myself - a 'new' tv/stereo cabinet.  This is our old one....the top was always a dumping ground, and thankfully I don't have a photo of this inside, it would hurt your eyes, contains an old-school stereo piled 5 components high, plus records, cd's, photo albums and whatever else got dumped the stereo was too deep for this cabinet so the doors never shut properly.  Time for a change!
 I still like the actual piece of furniture, and want to paint it at some stage, but it just didn't work to store the stereo, dvd player, dvds, etc.  Plus I wanted some reasonably attractive toy storage for the much as I'd like toys to stay in their rooms, they don't, and they play with their stuff more if it is right there in the family room. So, this is what I found, and what I did with it:
Some of the peeling veneer strips I glued back down, some I removed it is painted, you'd never know.
First thing I did was give it a really good clean, with hot soapy water and jif.
Here it is with the smooth surface sealer on it.  This was the first time I have managed to paint outside for months....I loved it!

I wanted to paint over the handles and backing plates but was planning on removing them to do it...the ones on the drawers came off ok but the ones on the cupboards wouldn't budge.  I also left the cupboard doors on for this project as I wanted to paint over the hinges....a conscious decision rather than laziness...I promise!
The cabinet had super ugly feet on it, and I had been wanting to try something with trim and this was just the thing.  I removed the plastic feet (they they are lying on the floor above) and cut a piece of trim to fit around the front and sides of the base.  I also made some shelves to fit in each end cavity, as luck would have it, I found some seagrass baskets that looked like they were made for the spot I had in mind for them.
My first attempt at a corner mitre cut and I didn't have any room for error, I only had enough trim to get it right the first time!  I just used a hand saw and guessed 45 degrees as I don't have a mitre saw or mitre box (but they are on my shopping list!)
  Once the timber was cut to size, I glued it in place and put a few nails into predrilled holes to hold it while the glue dried, then removed them (except for one that I banged all the way in, and learn!)
I painted some dark wood stain over the pine before I painted it off white, because I wanted some of the dark to come through once I distressed it, to match the rest of the cabinet that had a darkish veneer on it.
Those blocks underneath are the new 'feet'...not that pretty but they work, and you'll never see them once the cabinet is upright anyway!
Here is the shelf in place, I also painted stain over the front trim which I planned on distressing once painted.
And here it is, finished and full of toys!  The stereo and dvd don't fit in the cupboard but I have taken away the bits of the stereo that we don't use (the tuner, record player and cassette deck) so I don't really mind the cd player on show (for now!)  
I distressed and 'antiqued' the cabinet by sanding then dry brushed a beige paint over the off white, then rubbed it with a damp cloth.
Sorry it is blurry....almost-4-yr-old boys don't sit still for long, especially when they want to build a train track!
I am very pleased with my 'new' piece of I just need to paint everything else in my family room white to match!

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xx Karen

Great feedback

Remember this wine table that I repainted for my son's Nursery School Teacher?
Wine Table for Kate - before

Wine Table for Kate - after
Well, I delivered the completed item back to her last Thursday and she was very pleased with it (phew!).  She paid me yesterday and she put the money inside a beautiful card, and this is what she wrote inside:
She is such a sweet lady and obviously very thrilled with her table....and as you can imagine, her beautiful words gave me a real buzz!  Gosh I love my 'job'...I get to hunt out treasures, I get to fulfill my creative urges, and I get to make people happy :)

xx Karen

August 19, 2010

Retro Kitchen Step Stool

I picked this up from my amazing upholsterer this week and have just put the finishing touches to it clean and fresh new feet.  Here is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago:

And here it is now, after a fair amount of elbow grease, a good clean, some new upholstery and padding, and new feet:

Much better!  I think this wee cutie has a buyer already, but I am happy to take orders if you are interested.  Email me for more info.

xx Karen

August 16, 2010

Thanks, Jami!

The sweet and super talented Jami at Freckled Laundry thought that I deserved this:

Thanks, Jami, you are awesome!
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7 (random!) Things About Karen at Restyled Vintage:

1. I am a proud Kiwi (aka a New Zealander!) but sometimes I wish we lived somewhere warmer

2. I have just turned 39 years old (arggggh!) and I am now old enough to know that you never really feel any different inside as your number gets bigger and your face gets more wrinkles, lol

3. I got a job at a bank when I left school and left after 17 yrs of service
4. I *love love love* VW Beetles and we borrowed 3 of them to use as our wedding cars
(yes, they are photos of photos...I am SUCH a technological whiz ;P)
5. We have a Golden Retriever called Tequila
6. I am right handed but use my cutlery back-to-front (fork in my right hand, knife in my left)
7.My party trick is the ability to ride a unicycle (if there is one available at the party, lol)

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Thanks again, Jami!
xx Karen

Little Wine Table

This cute little table belongs to my son's Nursery School teacher.  She knew I did a bit of painting and asked me if I could turn this into something with a 'french country' feel.
I didn't take and 'during' photos (sorry!) but first I washed it, then primed it with smooth surface sealer.  Then gave it two coats of Resene Quarter Ash.  The table previously had a little bit of a metallic finish and I decided to keep a bit of that look, so antiqued it using test pots of Resene Tea and Resene Bedrock.  I am really pleased with how it turned out, but not sure that the subtle antiqued effect shows up so well in we go...
I hope she likes it!

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xx Karen

August 10, 2010

Embellished Bedside Cabinets

I picked these up last Tuesday and got straight to work on them.
They are made of solid timber with some veneer detailing and I knew that they would come up beautifully with the white paint treatment!  The knob placement on the top drawer looked funny but I knew just how to fix that...
 These are the original knobs and handles, which I painted and distressed to match the cabinets.

xx Karen