August 2, 2010


I purchased this a couple of months ago, it was one of those small-world meetings when we went to pick it up; turned out my husband knew the sellers through business.  I knew this daybed was going to come up nicely with new paint and upholstery.
The upholster did a beautiful job...I'd really love this one to be a keeper. I think it would be fantastic at the end of my bed, but my bedroom isn't big enough.  It would also be great in one of the kid's rooms piled with cushions, to double as a guest bed for sleepover guests.  However the kids rooms aren't big enough either.  So, I guess that leaves me two options: either sell the daybed, or move to a bigger house....decisions, decisions....


  1. Gosh. I'm computerless for a few days & look at all these great projects I missed! I have a third option for you...give it to me. :)

    (I don't even want to imagine what the shipping charges would be!)

    I'm in love.

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  3. Oops spelling mistake above!! What a gorgeous and practical piece you've turned this into Karen! I love it and I'd buy it off you in an instant!! Nice work :) Christine xx

  4. You have been one busy lady! I love the fabric you used on it. Makes it look relaxed yet sophisticated! If you do sell it I think it will go super fast!