August 24, 2010

Family Room TV Cabinet

This past couple of weeks I have been working on a project for myself - a 'new' tv/stereo cabinet.  This is our old one....the top was always a dumping ground, and thankfully I don't have a photo of this inside, it would hurt your eyes, contains an old-school stereo piled 5 components high, plus records, cd's, photo albums and whatever else got dumped the stereo was too deep for this cabinet so the doors never shut properly.  Time for a change!
 I still like the actual piece of furniture, and want to paint it at some stage, but it just didn't work to store the stereo, dvd player, dvds, etc.  Plus I wanted some reasonably attractive toy storage for the much as I'd like toys to stay in their rooms, they don't, and they play with their stuff more if it is right there in the family room. So, this is what I found, and what I did with it:
Some of the peeling veneer strips I glued back down, some I removed it is painted, you'd never know.
First thing I did was give it a really good clean, with hot soapy water and jif.
Here it is with the smooth surface sealer on it.  This was the first time I have managed to paint outside for months....I loved it!

I wanted to paint over the handles and backing plates but was planning on removing them to do it...the ones on the drawers came off ok but the ones on the cupboards wouldn't budge.  I also left the cupboard doors on for this project as I wanted to paint over the hinges....a conscious decision rather than laziness...I promise!
The cabinet had super ugly feet on it, and I had been wanting to try something with trim and this was just the thing.  I removed the plastic feet (they they are lying on the floor above) and cut a piece of trim to fit around the front and sides of the base.  I also made some shelves to fit in each end cavity, as luck would have it, I found some seagrass baskets that looked like they were made for the spot I had in mind for them.
My first attempt at a corner mitre cut and I didn't have any room for error, I only had enough trim to get it right the first time!  I just used a hand saw and guessed 45 degrees as I don't have a mitre saw or mitre box (but they are on my shopping list!)
  Once the timber was cut to size, I glued it in place and put a few nails into predrilled holes to hold it while the glue dried, then removed them (except for one that I banged all the way in, and learn!)
I painted some dark wood stain over the pine before I painted it off white, because I wanted some of the dark to come through once I distressed it, to match the rest of the cabinet that had a darkish veneer on it.
Those blocks underneath are the new 'feet'...not that pretty but they work, and you'll never see them once the cabinet is upright anyway!
Here is the shelf in place, I also painted stain over the front trim which I planned on distressing once painted.
And here it is, finished and full of toys!  The stereo and dvd don't fit in the cupboard but I have taken away the bits of the stereo that we don't use (the tuner, record player and cassette deck) so I don't really mind the cd player on show (for now!)  
I distressed and 'antiqued' the cabinet by sanding then dry brushed a beige paint over the off white, then rubbed it with a damp cloth.
Sorry it is blurry....almost-4-yr-old boys don't sit still for long, especially when they want to build a train track!
I am very pleased with my 'new' piece of I just need to paint everything else in my family room white to match!

I am showing this off at

xx Karen


  1. Oh my goodness... That is incredible. I consider myself pretty good at seeing through grot and ugly to the potential of a piece but I would have scrapped that piece for sure. You really are inspiring. Megan xx

  2. It looks terrific Karen. You really transformed it into something both functional for your family but beautiful as well!
    Such a nice note you got too. Always nice to know what you make someone happy!

  3. Wow, what a transformation!!! I would have walked past this one in a second hand store - not anymore!!! Looks like it's been in it's spot forever now. Hope you have a great week. Michelle

  4. i wouldn't have looked twice at that piece... you really made it stand out! and it looks like it is just perfect in your home!

  5. Karen great job - love the white and those wicker baskets were the perfect fit. Who would think veneer would cover so easily. Go Jake - Sandy xx

  6. Great job Karen, the cabinet looks fantastic and the baskets just finish it off. Job well done! ;-)

  7. Looks really nice, Karen! What a transformation! And, what a lovely note you received on your table. it's always nice to be appreciated and have someone love your work. That was very thoughtful of her.

  8. Great transformation! Love the baskets!!

  9. Love it - you certainly have an amazing style.

  10. Beautiful! What a great idea! I'm sure you saved alot of money on that piece of furniture. Imagine what you would have paid for that in a furniture store! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Karen,this is a really big project and you have pulled it off! It look great and I love the baskets. Thanks so much for your warm wishes regarding my new shop. The clothes are a mix. Mostly Kaftans and one size dresess. But I do stock a cute label "Made by Cheeky". Cute vintage inspired dresses. xx

  12. LOVE this. Makes me wish, for the bajillionth time, that I needed furniture so I could redo something!
    Awesome inspiration.

  13. I love it; what a difference!


  14. Great makeover, it looks absolutely beautiful:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  15. That's beautiful, Karen! I love the finish and those sea grass baskets fit to perfection!

  16. Hi Karen,
    Love the white! It looks beautiful now! I am always amazed at how fabulous and different pieces of furniture look when they wear a new coat of paint! Great job! :)

  17. WOw, I LOVE the cabinet- just amzing what a great transformation- So amazing... Love it..
    Cant say it enough..

  18. This turned out beautiful. I love the white so much more than the brown. I know our seasons are opposite. Yesterday it was 100 degrees here. I'll be back to see what new projects you have started.

  19. Wow Karen! What a job! Although working outside made all the difference I'm sure. I love what you did with it, it truly looks fantasic!


  20. Hi Karen,
    Wow, that is quite the transformation!! Good for you!! I really like how you used the baskets as drawers.
    I redid a tv credenza last week and will be posting it later this week. Drop into my blog when you can.
    Cheers, Laura

  21. wow! it looks great! Just wanted to stop in and say I'm thinking about you and your neighbors, hoping all is well with you.

  22. Hi Karen,

    I hope you are doing ok out there with no major damage. Children back at school today so some normality prevails. Take care. Kate x

  23. What a transormation. You were very lucky to find baskets that worked so well. It looks great in your family room.

  24. Would neve have guessed this is the same piece!
    You did a great job on it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you too. Hope to see you often!

  25. hi! what you did........looks fantastic!!
    Glad i have discovered you....look forward to seeing your next project!! Very inpsiring!!