August 3, 2010

Kid's Bathroom Step Stool

This is a project I did over a year ago for my own home, and I have just had an enquiry on one of my Trademe Auctions as to whether I ever do kid's step stools.  Firstly I thanked the person...whilst I knew I needed one in my own home, I had never thought about doing them as at item to sell!  

So, here it is...probably not the colour I would choose if I was doing it now, but it is still cute and pratical and easily survives the trials of being stood on many many times daily by two kids (and I mean that I have two kids that use it, and those two kids often both stand on it at once!)  AND it is not plastic :)
I use it to sit on while I watch the kids in the bath, too.  It has also been known to be used as a drinks table for Mummy-only could say, a very versatile piece!


  1. That's a great size for a stool. Looks nice and sturdy. And it's a fun color.

  2. I love the paint work on this stool Karen. It's nice when a piece can be so practical and pretty at the same time. My son made a small stool at Wood Tech and it has been so useful. I'm 5ft 2 so it's great for reaching those top shelves in the pantry:o)

  3. that is so cute and beachy! i love the finish!

  4. I like that color! It looks like kind of a "whitewashed" finish. Love it! Great that it gets so much use, too!

  5. Hi Karen, yes your right a very versatile and handy piece to have in the home with so many uses. Sandy x

  6. Super cute, I remember my plastic step stool as a kid. But wood would be so much nicer!