August 2, 2010

Little Wooden Chair

I found this cute (albeit unloved) looking wooden chair at the local Charity Barn a couple of weeks ago, and had to bring it home with me.  Even my husband, who is well aware of my furniture-upcycling talents, said 'what on earth do you want that for?' I showed him!
I have to say, although I am usually drawn to bright, cheerful fabrics, I am rapidly developing an affection for this natural linen.  I was inspired to use it after seeing the beautiful projects (and even just the blog layout) of Jami from Freckled Laundry.  The rosette she made on the antique chair just blew me away and I had to (shamelessly) copy her!  I am going to let her know though!
Thanks to Jami's fantastic video tutorial, I think my first attempt at a rosette turned out brilliantly. 


  1. The chair looks REALLY great! You are too sweet. I actually think I like your looser rosette better than a video tutorial would you? Haha! Lovely makeover.


  2. another furniture save! It looks so much better!