August 6, 2010

Sage Green Welsh Dresser

First of all, this is a project that was completed ages ago, but for some reason I seem to have missed posting about it on here, so thought I would share it now.  This item also sold quite some time ago but I have been storing it for the purchaser and tomorrow I will be delivering it to her...and the exciting part about this for me is that she has bought it to put in her new shop in Christchurch.  I am very much looking forward to seeing her shop and also talking to her about business.  Anyway, here are some photos...much to my annoyance I cannot find any before shots....I know I took some and even remember posting one on here of my son helping me wash it down...but can I find it now? Nope, nup, not a chance. is what I have got:
Master 3 was the photographer, for these shots above, lol.
I certainly hope that purchaser likes it, and that it sells quickly when she puts it in her shop...

I am showing this off at
Furniture Feature Fridays

xx Karen


  1. Fantastic makeover Karen. What a great colour. How did you manage all those louvres with a brush?! It'll be fun for you to see it in the shop.
    Good photography skills by your little person too:o)

  2. so cute! you have it staged very nicely as well. you did a great job with the finish as usual.

  3. You always amaze me with your transformations. That looks so beautiful, karen. I'm sure someone will snag it soon after she puts in the shop.

  4. Another gorgeous project Karen! It will go in a flash! xx

  5. It's beautiful, Karen. Love the color. How fun for it to be in a shop!

  6. Hi Karen a beautiful job as usual. Love that colour, I'm sure this piece will sell quickly. Sandy x

  7. Thanks so much for following me. I am so glad to visit your site and look at all these wonderful transformations. I am getting the painting bug for sure. I am getting ready to do a couple of tables I have. Love this welsh dresser you did.

  8. Oh Karen, i really like this piece! Great paint job with the green. What did you do on top of it? It looks so great!

  9. This turned out so pretty. I'd love to know the paint color.

    Warmly, Michelle