September 22, 2010

Shabby Chic Stool

I was pleased to find this little cutie recently...
My husband kindly picked it up for me (he does that alot, bless him....actually as an aside, he picked up four dining chairs for me a week ago and they are still in the back of his car, oops, lol)...anyway, hubby took this stool straight to the upholster for me, so I didn't actually see it till the makeover was complete.  I asked hubby, when he came home after picking it up and dropping it off, what it was like (sometimes hard to tell from the pictures...I've learnt that the hard way more than once!)  He said ''s ok' a way that really said 'that stool is awful and I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would look twice at it, let alone buy it'.  

This is the guy that happily lets me indulge my creative visions, with the faith that I know what I am doing, and it will all come out good in the end.  I really couldn't see how that sweet little stool could have been that bad....
And it wasn't.  
Even Mr Upholsterer Man said that he thought it came up really well, and he is as far from a frilly sort of a shabby chic fan as you can imagine.
So it has a brand new oilcloth seat pad, new padding, and new rubber feet.  I have scrubbed the frame clean but I am still deciding whether to give it a fresh coat of Rustoleum Universal Satin White...
should I or shouldn't I???

As for hubby, he hasn't seen the finished article yet, so who cares knows what he thinks of it!?

xx Karen


  1. Sweet as a button Karen, love the oil cloth. Thankgod for helping husbands. Sandy x

  2. Hey Karen,
    I love it! I am a huge lover of oilcloth too, bought some ages ago & made bags & the likes out of it at the time & the rest of it is sitting in my 'what to do with' tub!
    Have to ask, what is Rustoleum? I've never heard of it before.
    S. x

  3. LOVE. I kinda like the chippy white, but if it's flaking it might need a light sand and seal. I think it would be cute painted pink or red too :) It's just cute no matter what!

  4. Your husband sounds SO sweet. The stool turned out darling! I'd leave it a little chippy like it is. I love the fabric and print!
    I'm getting ready to make some ruffley/buttoned pillows out of pink and ivory floral fabric. I don't even know why, and have no where to put them. I just love the look and can't wait to get started.


  5. It turned out so pretty and feminine, love it! Yes, your hubby does sound like a doll. I love the white against the fabric but a soft colour like grey or cream might be nice too.


  6. Its gorgeous Karen. Yay for your husband and your upholstery man. Pam x

  7. So sweet! I love the fabric. What a transformation. Very shabby chic! I picture this in front of a pale pink vanity. Your husband sounds like a great sport and so helpful and supportive.

  8. Love it!! So pretty + would match the table I just brought recently (but I've placced mine outside). I agree leave it with the chippy look.
    Omgosh since finding your blog I keep seeing kitchen stools everywhere!!
    yay for great husbands!!

  9. oh my gosh that turned out lovely! so sweet and delicate. great job karen.

  10. Hi karen I love what you have done to the stool the fabric is gorgeous. Have just found your blog yesterday & spent hours reading your past posts. Is great to find a fellow Kiwi & one so lose to my home (Im a CHCH girl).
    Looking forward to see more of your creations.

    Have a great weekend..

    Lyn xxx

  11. You have done a lovely job karen, this stool looks so gorgeous, the fabric is so good and overall i really like this transformation.

    shabby chic furniture

  12. Hi! I love your blog, Looking forward to see more of your creations
    /Camilla, Sweden