September 19, 2010

Some chairs and stools made over

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to score these...
 I had bid on them on our online auction site, but forgot to watch the auction close and missed out.  The winning bidder didn't want them so they seller offered them to me and I was happy to take them.  The covers were pretty tragic but the chrome was in excellent condition.

I picked them up from my wonderful upholster on Friday and here they are now - the two floral stools have been done to order, the third I did in red dotty which is always popular.  I chose to do the chairs in taupe dotty oilcloth and I have plans in progress for a table to make it a full this space! 
The taupe dotty oilcloth reminds me of the bar stools in Sarah's House
Her staging is clearly better than mine, lol.

I am really pleased with how these turned out and can't wait to finish the table to see how it all looks together!

XX Karen


  1. Fabulous makeover Karen - I haven't seen the dotty taupe before, it's really nice.

    I saw that you've had a good dump of snow in the South Island, just what you needed on top of earthquakes ... NOT! Thanks for your email by the way :) Hope you're all bounding back well.

  2. Karen I love these, I will have to get you to post me some oil cloth it looks fabulous. Sandy

  3. Wow how inspiring - and what an awesome tranformation!

  4. Totally fab. Totally. Can't decide which ones I like best, so I just say they all rock!

  5. ACK! Gorgeous! I didn't think you'd win me over after seeing those before shots but I was dead wrong. The patterns are so fun!


  6. Really cute. What is nice about the dots is that you could really mix and match with other patterns if you wanted to.

  7. love the colors and the patterns! :)
    happy belated birthday to your not so little boy.
    thanks for linking up to my first ever party.

  8. whoa...those were beasty looking but now they are beauties! love the playful polka dots and floral-so fun.
    judi ;)

  9. That fabric looks exactly like the bar stools in Sarah's house~I thought it looked familiar.

    I wish I could drive over and pick up a few of your things. You just make everything look so much cuter!

  10. karen, those are adorable! i love the new color in the polka dot- fabulous!!!! i wish you lived closer so i could buy some stools from you when i redo my kitchen one day. ;)

  11. The stools and chairs are so fun in the polka dot! Can't wait to see it all when you finish the table. What a transforamtion from the "before". Nice job! I hope things have settled down after the earthquake.

  12. fab makeover and I really love the final shot. The dots add a fun element to the room without being in your face. Love them! You always have great projects...wish you were closer!
    Ness xx

  13. Hi Karen, wow these look amazing... Gotta love a polka dot, so fun and fresh, cheers katherine

  14. Karen..those chair makeovers are awesome! Found your blog through Chair up and am enjoying all your loveliness x

  15. They turned out lovely, what a change a little fabric can make!


  16. OMG those stools are positively amazing.

  17. Karen, I am in LOVe with these! Oh my gosh Love the oilcloth dotty !
    Have a pretty day!