September 22, 2010

Some more kitchen step stools

I don't think I took before photos of one of these ones, but it was pretty sad; it didn't even have a lid or a hinge, but fortunately it was nothing my magic upholsterer man couldn't fix!  This one had chunks of wood holding the rubber on the steps fact the photo doesn't do it worse enough justice.  Oh well...
The lid on the one above, that actually had a lid, was all wrong, it just looked too wide and flat for the size of the stool frame, so I had Mr Fixit chop it down, and add some padding for height, to give it a better overall scale.
The step rubber and white feet are all new.

xx Karen


  1. I just love these flip top stools. And the striped one is just so cute!

  2. LOVE it! Who'da thunk this could be done? Great job :)