September 13, 2010

Sorry it has been a bit quiet here lately...

First of all, I was busy getting ready to celebrate this little fellow starting out as this:
then turning into this:
then this:
then this:
and now, in what seems like no time at all my sweet little boy turned 4 years old:
(As for me, I seemed to be having a good hair day on his first and third birthdays...the second and fourth could have been

Then, just as I was ready to get stuck into some painting, this happened:
Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake, 7.1 magnitude, 4 September 2010
Painting furniture didn't seem so important any more since some people no longer had houses that were safe to live in, let alone their furniture :(  Thankfully, no lives have been lost - a real miracle given the devastation this has caused our city.  Schools and preschools were shut all of last week so they could be checked for safety....then checked again after the seemingly never-ending aftershocks (that still haven't stopped!). That turned out to be a blessing, so we could tell our kids they couldn't go to school because it was shut, rather than Mummy is terrified and doesn't want to let you out of her sight...

But, already, it is Monday afternoon, a new week, and we have our 'first' day back at school done and dusted.  Life in our part of the world seems to be slowly coming back to a new sort of normal, for those of us that are lucky enough to have our homes intact, at least.

This is far from over, but still I have already learned that this was a reminder that I have alot to be grateful for, and in particular I have learnt how comforting and welcome a 'normal' day is, and I don't think I will ever complain about having a 'groundhog day' ever ever again!

And since this blog is about furniture projects, I will have some to share, soon, I while it still seems a little trivial, painting is what I do, it keeps me sane, and I owe it to my kids to remain so :)

xx Karen


  1. Oh wow Karen, How have I not heard about this? So glad everyone is okay and you all are getting back to your routines. It must have been so frightening.

    Happy Birthday to your little guy. What a cutie!

  2. Take your time Karen, I hear from all my Christchurch friends and family that they are all exhausted from the ongoing stress of this, particularly the aftershocks which I believe are around 400 and counting. The psychological impacts of such an event are not to be shrugged off, even when there has been no loss of life and perhaps personally no damage to property. Just go with your feelings for a bit, and pick up your paintbrush when you feel like it :) All your customers and followers of your blog are not going to think some time out a bad thing.

    And congratulations to a gorgeous little boy who's rapidly turning into a gorgeous BIG boy!

  3. We have been watching it all unfold on the news here. Glad you are safe I really enjoy seeing your beautiful work and look forward to seeing you add more soon.

    Good luck to everyone affected by the Earth Quakes.

    Tracie (Geelong, Melbourne, Australia)

  4. time flies, doesn't it? happy birthday to your blittle, or shoudl i say, big boy!
    i am just so thank ful that you and your family are safe karen. i told you before that out of anyone, i do truly understand what you are going through. it's so hard to see that much loss and destruction in your surrounding worls, but what is amazing is human strength and compassion which are really brought forth at these times. your country is being prayed for all over the globe, and in my little part of it for sure. wishing you and your country hope and resurrection. and i share in your gratitude of having the lesson of what is really important in life.

  5. So glad to hear that you are all on the mend both internally and externally. I can't even imagine how something like this could shake you up to the core and I love your gratefulness approach. Thinking of you guys during this tough time. And I love the pics of your little guy growing up, now that is what is so so important!


  6. God bless your family! It's really hard to put on the brave face for your kids when you're so terrified yourself. Praying that you guys can settle back into to normal.

  7. So glad you and your family are safe! How terrifying that must be. I admire your strong spirit and your gratefulness attitude! Happy Birthday to you little boy! Cute photos! I pray you have a lovely, normal and calm week.

  8. I'm so glad all of you are ok. It must be so scary to go through that. I had to tell you, my little red head just turned 4 on Sept. 1st-pretty cool! And I'm quite obsessed with painting things, too (though they may not be as great as yours) And I think your hair is gorgeous every year :)
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  9. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your lovely thoughts. It was indeed a very tough week with Nana's passing so sudden and when we were all struggling after the earthquake. She has lived through the bombings in London during world war II and so the earthquake just terrified her. I am boxing on with my work, though not at the pace I should be at this time of year. I will fall a little short of my targets but that is just how it will be! That would be great to see you at Culverden. Happy birthday to your little boy. Such a handsome wee man. It is good to have something to celebrate in these trying times.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    Take care Kate xx

  10. I've been thinking of you Karen and wondering to what extent you had been affected by the quake (and aftershocks).
    We lived in Hawkes Bay for 11 years and they were a common occurence but certainly nothing to this extent, and having grown up in the Bay of Plenty was used to the odd earthquake. You just never expect a "big one".
    So nice to hear your family are safe. Hang in there.
    Happy birthday to your cutie!

  11. So glad you are safe! I live in a land of tornados, not earthquakes, so I can't imagine.

    And our wee ones do grow so fast! My oldest blond, blue-eyed baby just turned 24. I birthed him like yesterday. Happy birthday to your boy :)

  12. Thinking of you tonight, Karen. Wanted to stop by and let you know that you are on my mind. I cannot image the continued state of fear with so many aftershocks. Happy Birthday to your little man...time passes by too quickly. You're right, we have so much to be grateful for. Take all the time you need, sweet friend.


  13. I decided to check in, and see what you were up to, and I had no idea! I am sorry, hope all is well!