October 1, 2010

French Country Duchess

A few months back, I picked this up at a local auction...
It has a mirror, but I forgot to put it on for the 'before' shots!
It doesn't look too bad in the first photo, but this is what the top looked like...
I gave it a good sanding to remove all the yuck, scrubbed it clean, then got to sealing and painting it in Dulux Antique White USA.
I applied 4 coats of paint, then distressed it.  After that, I glazed it using watered down wood stain.  I applied it with a paintbrush and wiped it off with a wet rag, ensuring that I wiped in long straight strokes to give it the lines I wanted.
To give a durable finish, I then applied a coat of water based polyurethane.
And here it is, all finished...
I am showing this piece off at
Furniture Feature Fridays

at Lou Lou's 'A Little Distressed' PartyAt LouLou's 'A Little Distressed' party

xx Karen


  1. It looks fantabulous!!
    You did a wonderful job!

  2. Wow! You certainly have an amazing style Karen. Looks fantastic.

  3. This piece is beautiful, Karen! I think it's my favorite piece that you've done. The glazing really brought out the distressed areas and enhanced the Duchess. The mirror is lovely with the beveled glass. Nice job!

  4. i love this piece....love the curves and the color you painted her.....

  5. I just love how you sanded it and added the glaze. It looks wonderful and the mirror adds such a romantic touch. I like the shape of the piece too.
    Great auction find.


  6. Ok I agree with Allison this would have to be my favourite piece you have done so far. The glaze just pops and makes the whole piece look aged. So would I be right is saying that I could just mix some stain (walnut maybe) and water and away you go. Is your stain water based or oil based? I have to try this more often it looks amazing Karen. Sandy xx

  7. this piece is just stunning! it's got a beautiful shape to begin with, but the finish you gave it is superb.