October 1, 2010

Pink Bedside Cabinet

This has been hanging around my workshop for a while, waiting for some makeover magic.  It is pretty plain, but I still thought I could do something with it to give it new life....and I decided pretty and pink was the way to go.
I cleaned it then sealer coated it with adhesion primer.  Then gave it some pink paint that I custom mixed...
After 3 coats of pink paint, I distressed it then glazed it with my usual conconction of watered down wood stain, wiped off quickly with a wet cloth...the stain really grabbed the pink, especially where I had sanded to distress it.  Then, just to soften it a little, I applied liming wax.

Here it is, all finished...
I painted the insides of the drawers in off white, to give it a nice fresh clean feel.
I lime-waxed the handles, too.

I am showing this off at
Furniture Feature Fridays
xx Karen


  1. Just beautiful...as always. ... Clever Lady.
    Happy Anniversary by the way :) May it continue to be a fruitful year for you.
    Just saw a cool table on one of the blogspots I follow...

  2. Hi Karen,
    You sure took that cabinet from drab to fab!
    I love your pink color creations and it looks good shabbied.


  3. Hi Karen, love this sweet bedside and like you I have gone made with the pink paint this week too. Love the handles you will have to give me the run down on lime wax, makes the handles blend lovely with the piece. Love your new photo on your blog too. Sandy xxxx

  4. Love the sweet pink piece! I've also been using pink a bit lately. It's a fun, feminine and kind of innocent color. I like what you did with the hardware. This would be a darling piece for a little girl's room.

  5. Another beautiful piece. I have never heard of lime wax before but will definitely be on the hunt for it now! I love those handles. Happy blog Anniversary! I'm looking forward to more...you are one of my favorite people/blogs even though I haven't had much time to blog hop over the past two weeks. :( It's been fun catching up though!


  6. Karen...how cute is this! I didn't know about lime wax idea for the handles...that is amazingly clever!

  7. such a lovely cabinet!
    thank you for sharing ~ it's given me the courage to do same to my own similar pieces...
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