October 1, 2010

Rimu Chest for Cindy

Cindy first contacted me after she spotted a bedhead that I had for sale (sorry I don't have a before shot of it!)
She was looking for a chest of drawers and wondered if I would paint them for her to match the bedhead, and of course, I said yes :)

So the hunt began and she eventually found a beautiful solid Rimu scotch chest.  In my hurry to get started to forgot to take a photo with the drawers in and the handles on...oops!
(Do you like my highly sophisticated 'paint stands'? 
I have a fair few 4 litre paint cans...and they worked a treat!)
It was a beautiful piece of furniture and even though I (clearly!) love painting furniture, and I'm not normally sentimental about painting it, I have to admit I did struggle a little with putting paint over Rimu...but it wasn't mine, and Cindy wanted it painted...
 After the sealer coat, I did three coats of top coat (Dulux Cape Colville).  Then left it to dry for a few days before I attacked it with the sandpaper to distress it (all by hand).  What a workout that was!

 Once it was all distressed, I went over the whole piece with a fine sanding sponge to give it a nice smooth finish.  Then I finished it off with some Liberon Furniture Wax in Neutral.
It is a really good match with the bedhead (phew!)

Now, just to add a 'keeping it real' shot, I do have a little touch up to finish on one of the top drawers, hence the gap, lol.  But I am so close to finished, I wanted to show it off...
I hope Cindy will be pleased....I think it has come up really well :)

I am showing this off at
Furniture Feature Fridays

xx Karen


  1. I love both the bed and the chest. They turned out well and you did a great job. Love the hardware.

    I'm sure Cindy will love it.


  2. Beautiful job, Karen! It has nice ornate hardware and it's a great match with the headboard. I also appreciate paint can tip.

  3. loving your lastest work!! How sweet are your pink drawers!! hope the school holidays are treating you well?

  4. oooh i love it! the hardware is gorgeous and a nice contrast to the paint. beautiful job!

  5. This is really gorgeous, karen! I would buy that set immediately. Your hand distressing is top notch. I hope you are well.


  6. I love both of them!!! You are so talented!

  7. What a fabulous job! I love the headboard and the dresser. Both look great!

  8. What did you paint it with a brush or sponge or roller? And what brand sealer did you use? Thanks I love this look and want to give it a go.