November 20, 2010

French Country Style Dining Suite

So, I started out with these chairs.
Special, aren't they!
Well, with the help of some beautiful oilcloth and my clever upholsterer, I turned them into these...

Just after, and before I had the chance to complete a table to put with the chairs, a client saw the chairs, and thought that they would look great with her pedestal dining table, once it had had a French country style paintjob.  She wanted 6 chairs and luckily I had some more, so off they went to the upholsterer, and she dropped her table to me and I got started...
The table got a good sanding then a wash.  Then I applied a sealer coat and left it to properly cure for a week or so (great timing actually, the table was curing while I was swanning around Rarotonga!)

All too soon the holiday was over and I was back into it. I gave the table 4 coats of Resene Thorndon Cream, then lightly distressed it.  I only did it lightly because the original table had quite a orange colour and I didn't think that would look very good peeping through.  Instead, I used a wood stain glaze to give it the french country look and feel we were after.
 I finished it off with two coats of water based poly for added durability, important since a table is a such a frequently used piece of furniture!

Doesn't it look gorgeous with the taupe dotty chairs?
The table is extendable, the inner leaf folds inside the table and converts it into a round table.
Even though the chairs have quite a retro vibe going on, I think they look fantastic with this table....
cute and quirky :)

xx Karen


  1. love the mix here! it is quirky, but so unique, and i love quirky!

  2. Interesting combination but it works! Love the colour of the chairs.

    Rarotonga hey??? Hope you had a wonderul time.

    Pam x

  3. Karen you have done it again. The table & chairs look amazing. I have one of those extendable tables in my shed and seriously thinking about brining it up in the house. Funny we must have been painting pedastal tables at the same time as I have just finished another one as well. Love the oilcloth on those chairs, great and yes quirky but it all works. Sandy xx

  4. I love it! I think it has a touch of whimsy! Really nice, Karen.

  5. Karen,
    The before on those chairs and stools are hilarious! Now they look amazing! Love the polka dots, and the table is just perfect with the distressing!

    You asked about the party buttons at the end of my post. Well, up until last time, I was doing them one by one, too! Takes forever. Last time I just went to my previous post that already had all of the party buttons listed, copied them all at once, and pasted them to the end of my new post. Way faster! :)

  6. Love those chairs and mixed with that wonderful table it is just perfect.

  7. Such an adorable set!! I love everything about it. How do you decide what you are going to prime and what you aren't? What is the purpose of the sealer coat prior to painting it? Thanks.