November 2, 2010

French Country Style Dining Table

This is the first dining table I have upcycled, and I really enjoyed it.

It started out as a rather sad looking, characterless rubberwood thing...
And it was filthy.
 To be fair though, I don't often look under my own table to check what the kids have left there ;)

Sorry for the upside down photos, but I worked on the table this way, figuring I didn't really want to scratch up the newly-painted top if I did that first, and I wanted the whole thing to be fresh and new, so painted the whole underside of the table.

 Here it is with the base coat (a taupe colour called Dulux Raw Cashew) on the legs, rails and the underside of the tabletop.

Here is the top, once I had sanded the major dings (and red felt pen marks!) out of it.  I left the little dings and scratches as is, deciding that they added some character to the table that I wanted to preserve.
Here is where I got busy with the paintbrush and slack with the camera.  After I coated the tabletop in two coats of Raw Cashew, I dry-brushed on some off white on the top, rails and legs.  Once I was happy with that, I glazed the table using watered-down wood stain which I brushed on then wipe off with a wet cloth.
I went over the turned detail on the legs again with the glaze, using a tiny brush to get right into the grooves.

Once that was dry, I coated the table with water based poly.

And here it is...
I had the chairs reupholstered in the taupe dotty fabric, with the intention of painting the table to match the chairs and sell them as a set.  But the chairs ended up selling already, and the buyer is having me paint her pedestal dining table off white to go with her 'new' chairs (reveal coming soon!)  

Luckily I do have another 6 of these chairs I can have redone to go with the table...
I think they go together pretty well!

I am showing this off at
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xx Karen


  1. Great job on that table. Love the finish. Wish you would link to my before and after party tonight if you would like.

  2. In love with this table. You did a marvelous transformation!

  3. Great job Karen, it's so satisfying to do big pieces like that!


  4. Beautiful....such a huge difference! Great job :o)

  5. it's so soft and warm. loe the glazed look of it- it reminds me of cafe au lait!

  6. Beautiful, Karen! I like the color you chose and I like the name of the color, too! I have not tackled a table yet. That's a lovely set - those chairs are perfect. Did you recover the other 6 in the same fabric?

  7. What amazing work you do Karen. I imagine many of your items are in a pretty sorry state when you rescue them, so there must be a real sense of achievement and turning "a sows ear into a silk purse" so to speak?!!!
    I've come via Pam at Bayside and I'm always keen to see other NZ blogs!

    Do come and visit me and I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!
    Take care
    ps your Raro holiday looked wonderful!

  8. Wonderful makeover! Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Good job! I always like to leave a few original dents and scratches as well.

  10. great makeover........looks fantastic!!

  11. Beautiful, karen! I love the finish on the table and that taupe dotty fabric. You should link up some of your chairs sometime to my air your laundry Friday long as you use a textile, you're good. Anyhow, just popping in for a hello. Haven't had much time to visit lately. How have you been?


  12. So pretty. I love the paint technique you used.

  13. You blew it out of the park on this one...I love this finish! Thanks so much for linking to STyle Feature Saturday -shaunna :)

  14. I also really love the round dining table sets Love the ideas of how to arrange the table. round dining tables