November 20, 2010

Millie's Trays

Recently Millie contacted me and said she had two Rimu serving trays that, whilst useful, no longer fitted in with her decor or taste.  
Here they are:
She asked that I paint one of them in a French Cream distressed style, and the other, which has a tongue and groove base, 
be painted in the same colours and style as my  Duck Egg Distressed Hutch
in particular, this part...
So away I went, waved some magic with my paintbrush, sandpaper and wax, and here they are!

(Oops!  How did those toes get in there!? LOL)
 There you have it...a nice simple update to some useful but plain trays, that are bound to get much more use now they look pretty!

xx Karen


  1. Karen, those trays are now seriously cute!

  2. They are really gorgeous Karen! xx

  3. Those are wonderful! I love the soft pink stripe. You've displayed them beautifully, Karen. I'd love to have a tray like that.

  4. Those look so good. You did an excellent job. Thanks so much for linking these.

  5. they look so cute i'm sure she will love them