December 12, 2010

Bedhead (Headboard) & China Cabinet for Peta

Here is another client commission that I finished up last week.  Peta brought me her china cabinet and bedhead that she wanted to be painted white (Resene Alabaster) and given a shabby chic look and feel.  Here they are in their 'before' state...
Hard to tell from the picture, but the top of the cabinet was pretty pitted.  I used builders fill to repair the pits that were too deep to sand out.

The bedhead was in great condition, just very dated with its dark veneer finish...but look at that 'carved' detail - just gorgeous!
Looking better already with just sealer on, above :)

Below, all finished and looking fresh and pretty in white, with light distressing as per Peta's wishes.
That mirror in the back, and my reluctance to move the cabinet too far for fear of damaging the glass, made this a very hard piece to take pretty pictures of!
I am not normally a fan of such white white furniture myself, (although I did use this colour for my daughter's bedroom furniture and love it there)...I far prefer a warmer off white, but I think it turned out quite nicely still, and most importantly, that was what the client wanted :)
Peta didn't want any distressing on the bedhead so I suggested we give some definition to the 'carved' details by adding a deeper colour paint, used as a glaze.  I chose the same paint colour that Peta has on her walls.
I do love how this turned out!
That is the last of my hand painted commissions for 2010 finished, and all now returned to their owner's homes.

Bring on 2011!

xx Karen


  1. They both look beautiful Karen. The carved detail looks great and all white they have a total new lease on life. Gorgeous! Sonia :)x

  2. Oh Karen, they turned out really pretty! The details on the headboard really pop now. Nicely done! I'm finished painting till after the holidays too.

  3. These are NICE! I love your makeovers. I'm gearing down for the year too. In 2011 I'll be putting my name and some slipcover pics in the local fabric stores. My friend in North Carolina did that and almost has to turn people away she's so busy.
    Can't wait to see more of your beautiful creations in the coming new year!

  4. Karen, those turned out great. I am sure the client was quite pleased. I am thinking about doing this next year along with husband helping me. He already has a car garage with a paint area that he could spray the furniture and I could do the finishing. Do you advertise in your area. Just trying to figure out how to start. Thanks.

  5. Karen, they came out great! I love the unique cabinet, did it have shelves? If not, I wonder how she'll use it. hmmm... Also, when you say "sealer" is that the same thing as primer? I'm trying to figure out the best way to repaint furniture with a stain finish.

  6. These both came out beautiful. I love the shabby chic look, that bedhead is so pretty in white!

  7. i honestly expected a post about a china cabinet, and then apicture of you or your daughter with bedhead... really i did! but the china cabinet is lovely and so is the headboard! and i am sure you are lovely with bedhead, too. ;)

  8. Once again...Perfect and inspiring you did a great job. That technique really does bring out the detail of the headboard. Megan xx

  9. Beautiful job, Karen! That is gorgeous detail on the headboard. I think your glazing technique really brought that out. I haven't done many white pieces either....I think maybe only one. I hope you're doing well. December seems to be really flying by!

  10. Gee, you do a beautiful job Karen. These have turned out so lovely and so very inspirational. Pam x

  11. Great pieces! I love that headboard! I'm glad you talked your client into a bit of glaze on the details! Looks fab!

  12. These are lovely! Very well done! Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  13. Beautiful, karen! Wishing you an equally (and more) successful 2010!