December 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas decorations

I have had plenty of ideas to do this for quite a while (usually every December when I pull out the made-in-China decorations and wish once again, that I had been more organised!) but just never got around to it.

Until I saw this beautiful wreath made by Pam at Bayside Rose the other day.  It is just stunning and I wanted one, so I got the fabric yesterday, and before I knew it, I had turned this...
into this....
It was so much fun, and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!  I'll definitely be doing more :)
The hardest part was choosing the fabric (although that may have had alot to do with the bored 4 yr old boy keeping me company on my trip to Spotlight...I could spend all day in there!)
I also purchased some alphabet panels, here they are here:
I cut around the letters with pinking shears, then stitched each letter to some denim, then cut around the denim, again with my pinking shears.  Then I stitched each letter to a red gingham ribbon, and here it is...
It won't be staying there, I just had to find a wall for a quick photo right now!
Thanks, Pam, for giving me the inspiration to make a really cute project that makes me smile every time I look at it :)

I am showing this off at
Jami's party over at Freckled Laundry
xx Karen


  1. oh i love the merry christmas banner! what a neat idea!

  2. What a fun wreath, Karen and I love the banner. I bet you had a ball choosing fabric. Ocne I'm in a fabric store I am there for hours. So many beautiful fabrics to look at.

  3. Those 4 year old boys... I totally understand where you are coming from. I'd give anything to get more than 10 min in a craft store without something falling over, breaking or rolling across the floor within 10 feet of my boy. You did a great job Karen! Those are really cute and it makes me really want a sewing machine even more!

  4. That's a good one for a DIY christmas deco. It looks cute!

  5. What a good idea I love it, I think im going to have to try one myself now. Megan xx

  6. Hi! I just found your blog and am now following it : ) I really love the wreath you made - if I can find some time, I may have to try to make one of my own! Happy Holidays!

  7. Hi Karen. Both of these projects are fabulous! I love the colours! Happy weekend ~ Tina x

  8. Wow! Looks fabulous Karen and really easy to make huh? Love the colours you chose. The banner is awesome too. Congratulations!

    Pam x

  9. very cute, I love the addition of the denim in your wreath!

  10. Wow are you a crafty girl....I can't believe you are a first timer at this...I might have to copy your very cute idea!

    Yes, we got our first snow here in CT last night. I hate freezing my butt off outside taking pictures. I am already eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring...LOL!!

  11. Excited to see you at my party, karen! Your first attempt was an adorable one! LOVE the wreath and your banners. The denim in your wreath stole my heart! I hope you've been well!