December 23, 2010

Retro Cute Rainbow Chairs

My latest completed upcycling project (with the help of the upholsterer!)...not much else to say really, I think the photos say it all :)

The design was a collaboration between the client and myself...I must admit I had some reservations about some of the colours she wanted to use, but I was blown away when I saw them all done...they have come up really well and are certainly eye-catching!  

xx Karen


  1. Very eye cathching. They look right out of the show Happy Days and are so groovy. I can tell Megan's house must have loads of personality and be really fun. Cool!

  2. What a fun set. Surely will be a happy kitchen to cook in!

  3. Those are Darling Vintage (Retro) Chairs, what a great job someone did on the Upholsery.. TOo Cute for a Party.
    THanks for sharing such great inspiration and ideas
    Have a Merry Christmas

  4. those are adorable! i love the mix of color.

  5. Hi! Found you through Irene's Re-vintaged blog. I have to say, I would have those chairs and the table in my house ANY day! Then agin, I'm a retro chick ;) Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. I don't even know what to say Karen...That is just amazing and one of the more unique creations I have seen...

    Thanks for rejoining me at my blog since "my loss"....

    I'm re-following you too..

    Have a great day!


  7. omgosh my favourite so far!!
    I hope you had a great xmas?...+ have a great NY!!

  8. great job on these! so bright & funky! :) PS: I just posted my next FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY! :) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

  9. How fun! I love all the colors! It's very vintage looking! Have a great new year, Karen!
    Kim :)

  10. Very well done! Such an eye-candy! Enjoy the day, Kellie xx

  11. these are GET OUT OF TOWN ah-mazing!

    love, love, love. great way to treasure the past.

  12. Hi Karen, I just love this setting and also just wanted to say thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Simone xx