December 8, 2010

Shabby Chic Bar Stools for My Kitchen

I had a wee change of mind recently about my choice of bar stools in our kitchen...
(and now of course I can't find a decent photo of the old ones in place, lol!)

 I wanted something with more of a shabby chic flavour...
 The gorgeous taupe dotty kitchen bar stools from an episode of  'Sarah's House'  had already given me the inspiration to turn these...
into these...
Dining Suite for Mandy
So, these are the barstools I found on an online auction..
Nice shape, pity about the colour of the timber, and the fabric!

I got to work stripping the fabric off, then sanded and scrubbed the chair frames.  After priming I applied 4 coats of off white, then distressed them by hand using a sanding sponge
(fantastic inventions, they are!)

I selected a gorgeous floral oilcloth which I stapled to my chair pads, put it all back together, and here they are...

Here are some photos of my kitchen.  We renovated it from this...

to this...
My Duck Egg Distressed Sideboard
Roses from my garden, and here is a close-up of the bottles they are in...pickle jars once filled with product made by my great-great Grandfather :)
Melhuish's Celebrated Pickles, Christchurch
copied from Grey River Argus, 27 June 1911
A birthday treasure from my almost-birthday-twin and sweet friend, Sandy at Paint Me White...I am older than her by one day!

Stool upcycled by me :)

Just a couple more photos, to explain that these shots are taken almost from the same angle:
This shot was taken the very day the kitchen was installed, hence random-stuff-everywhere look! They are the 'old' bar stools I have replaced with my shabby chic ones.
 Those french doors we put in where the kitchen window was, now lead to my deck
The hutch dresser in the above shot became the Pale Blue Distressed Hutch Dresser.

Here are another couple of kitchen 'before and after' shots - just for fun!
Doorway above is where fridge sits in below shot.  Whole left hand side corner of cupboards, stove etc is where french doors are now.
One last comparison shot...looking from dining end of kitchen into lounge:

xx Karen