February 2, 2011

Some finished projects

As promised last night, I managed to take some photos this morning.  I have been working on a few little pieces which all have a similar finish, one that I am quite fond of at the moment.

This first piece is a tea trolley that belongs to Jodi.  She had been looking for one for a while, before finding this one.  I was pleased when I saw it, knowing that it would come up really well with a french country style makeover!

Here it is after I started sanding it...

It had a few scratches in it that I sanded out.  I just love the turned wooden handle on the end!
Here it is upside down mid-paintjob.  With tables, chairs and tea trolleys etc I like to paint the underside first by flipping the item upside down, to make sure I don't miss any bits.  This way, when you turn it right side up, you only have the top left to paint.  If you painted the top first, then flipped it to do the rest, you'd risk damaging your freshly painted surface...not the best idea!
Here it is, all painted but nowhere near finished yet...

Freshly distressed

Close up of the distressing...still not finished!

And here it is, all finished, glazed, distressed again, then clear waxed.

The next thing I have to show off is another tea trolley, a rather plain oak one that I picked up a few months ago.  The time came to paint it the other day as I was looking for victims pieces to use as practice with my new spray gun.
I did this one with the same colour and finish as Jodi's tea trolley.
A close up of the finish...

Here is a little side table that I also gave the same treatment...
I was naughty and launched straight into this one without snapping a 'before' pic, but it was just a plain mahogany table, nothing wrong with it, just....plain.

I think I made it cuter!

This post is getting long now, so I'll stop writing and just add more photos :)

All the items shown here, aside from Jodi's tea tolley, are for sale...please email me
if you are interested in purchasing any items :)

xx Karen


  1. Oh these are wonderful Karen! I love them! What type of glaze and clear wax do you use? I'm needing to purchase some in the near future for a few projects I have coming up. :)

  2. those are all gorgeous- but i especially love that second to last piece. it is soo girly and fun!

  3. You have been a busy girl! All these pieces are great. I love the finish you have given them Karen. I'm sure you won't have any trouble selling them.

  4. Love them all but especially that distressed stool!

  5. That stool is just devine! Great job girl!

  6. You sure have been busy, Karen! I love all of the pieces you have done and what fun fabrics you have on the little table and that stool. Great job! It looks like you are having fun with your new sprayer!

  7. Wow Karen you've been busy. So many lovely transformations, and all beautiful. The little stool is so sweet, and lovely job on the telephone table/seat.
    Sonia x

  8. Hi,

    I love your work and am so inspired. I am wanting to "do" my dining table and chairs in the same manner as you have done. Would you mind telling me which prooducts and colours that you useplease? Thanks, Viv


  9. Imagine what a little paint can do for an ugly piece of furniture. They worked out really nice:)
    Camilla, Sweden

  10. all your painted pieces are so fabulous!!


  11. Lovely pieces, I think they're all fantastic! It's nice to get back into the swing of things, isn't it?


  12. They're all beautiful, but that stool is just short little perfection!

  13. Wow Karen....Each item is better than the next! I love that polka dot fabric you use.....

    Take care,

  14. Gorgeous! I love how you haven't destressed the crap out of the trolley and side table like so many people do. Very classy indeed! Love, love, love!

  15. I have the exact same tea cart in the first pics! I plan on painting mine too...HATE the oak color!

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  16. I LOVE these tables, carts and the chair! I'm your newest follower! LOVE your blog!

  17. They all look just lovely, Karen! I love how you distress things!