February 5, 2011

Union Jack-inspired Glory Box

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Miss Mustard Seed's Union Jack Dresser and loved it, and knew I had to have a go at my own Union Jack project.  And I had just the victim...
Except it hasn't looked like that for about 9 months or so, since I had upcycled it already, into this...
I thought it turned out ok, but it turns out no-one else did - it never sold, despite me almost giving it away!  I have to admit though, it was cuter before I did the wax job on it - the paint really soaked up the wax** the instant they met and for the life of me I couldn't get it to blend it any better.  So it sat and it sat.  The thing was, I knew if I redid it, I'd have to sand all that wax off...not fun.
**(edited to add, after that disaster, I learnt to use clear wax first!)

But Miss Mustard Seed and her Union Jack dresser got me inspired, so yesterday I sanded and sanded and sanded, then primed it with Zinsser BIN which would stick to the surface even if some wax residue remained.

Today I got to work, painting it with two coats of a blue that I already had on hand.  Once that was barely dry I pinched my son's white coloured pencil and a ruler...
I found the centre along the width and length of the top, and made myself a cross shape, then did the diagonals and went from there.
Here is my little mate putting the finishing touches on her Princess Mirror project.  You can see in the background that the top of the glory box is now painted.  The camera battery went flat on me for the main painting part!
So, here it is.  Yes, it is wonky, lol.  The smaller stripes on the top left and bottom right are correct (ish!) but the other two don't have the right end part on them near the centre of the flag...despite all my great looking pencil lines, I couldn't get them to fit right with the correct angle on the end.  That is why I called it a Union Jack-inspired Glory Box and not a Union Jack Glory Box.  So there.  LOL.
Here it is after I distressed it, once again when the paint was barely dry.  I was impatient today :)
I knew that the grey I had originally painted this would work in my favour my nicely peeping through and complimenting the red white and blue of the 'flag'.
Here it is, all finished, with some glaze to add some grunge to it, and then finished with an all over application of neutral wax which has given it a beautiful sheen.
I left the inside of the box grey from when I painted it the first time.
I love how the hinges turned out...super grungy!  (That must be my new favourite word today)
I wonder if anyone will like it enough to buy it this time?

Showing it off at Miss Mustard Seed's party
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  1. I would be very very very surprised if you have any trouble selling it now Karen. It looks fantastic!!! I am super-impressed by your painting skill. You have the grungy look down- pat :o)

  2. So groovy Karen. Hot diggety dog! I agree with Ange re: the grunge style. You've mastered it & I'm sure this will sell quickly.
    Sweet little girl doing her princess mirror. Love that too. x

  3. I think it's just fabulous, being very fond of 'grunge' - and surely it will sell now, not just because it's charming but it certainly seems that 'Union Jack' is IN at the moment.

  4. This is soooo cool!!! I love what you have done.
    I'd love to do something like it but I think it will be a cushion one of these days!
    Irene x

  5. That's so cute, stencil something on the front of it too...good job! Mel's Cabin

  6. Karen this piece is outstanding. I LOVE IT. You have outdone yoursef. Sandy xx

  7. love it! so much better painted, great job! Always love your stuff
    d e n i s e

  8. That look's fabulous!! What a great job.I know how much work it is, but it looks fantastic.


  9. Turned out so good....I think it will sell no problem!

  10. Hello Karen,
    your renovation is absolutelly perfect! I love it.
    Have a nice day Vlaďka

  11. Wow, that looks awesome! Where did you get the lovely handles from? Joanne :)

  12. Thankyou everyone!

    Joanne, I can't reply directly to you...the handles came from India where a kind friend bought a large selection of them for me :)

  13. I'm a little strange, but I love how the paint goes over the hinges! You did a fabulous job on this piece. :)

  14. Hi Karen, Your chest turned out great. I like the layers of paint and even the imperfections. I hope it sells for you!

  15. I also have dreamed of creating a Union Jack Dresser. MMS is truly inspiring. You did a great job.

  16. Great job! You nailed a MMS knock off perfecrly!Found your blog through Chair up! Love your furniture pieces!

  17. Your Glory box turned out fantastic!

  18. Karen, it looks wonderful! You did a great job and I love those fun knobs!

  19. If I wasn't a DYIer, I'd definately buy it! It's gorgeous. The knobs make it look extra special.

  20. Karen...I love this piece. I have never seen anything like it!

    Take care,