March 2, 2011

Handmade for Christchurch

Following my last post, I would like to say thankyou so much for all the lovely comments.  It is amazing to know that all over the world there are wonderful people that really really care about others.  
It truly humbles me.

This blogging thing really is awesome.

Last night, on Facebook, I came across a fan page called  
Here is what they say about their group...

"We are a group of mums who are all crafty and many of us run our own
small businesses and often have wondered how we can get together to
help people in need.

When we heard about the Christchurch earthquake our hearts sank and we
all felt so helpless. A couple of our group are from the area and we
sat there for hours waiting and waiting to hear if our friends were
ok. In that time we all chatted and thought of someway that we could
help to give a little as we could not leave our families and go and
help with the clean up.

We decided as we are all crafters we would create a group which helped
to raise money for people who have been affected and hopefully our
small group would be able to help raise just a little. In the last 15
hours since the group has started we have received many many responses
from people who are willing to take some time out of their busy life
to create something for a donation for us to Auction off on Trade Me.
As time goes on the donations are increasing and we would love to be
able to raise as much as we can.

We are asking that anyone who can spare an hour or two and is
creative, owns a business who handmakes items or maybe can do some
baking (please note that this must be made in a commercial kitchen to
be able to sell on Trademe) to give us an email and to join our page

Every little bit counts and all money raised will be split between the
Christchurch Womans Refuge and The Salvation Army"
What an awesome idea, one I was very keen to help them with so I have donated one of my handmade oilcloth buntings to their cause.  They have had a huge response and I believe they have had over 400 items lovingly handmade by Kiwis donated so far.
There is a huge variety of gorgeous items up for auction already, and more will be added as and when they can (they have probably been overwhelmed by the repsonse, in a good way of course!)
You can view the items for auction here and if you are in New Zealand, feel free to bid generously!
I guess enjoying something pretty and helping out can go hand in hand...


xx Karen


  1. that is so wonderful! it's amazing how people really can come together to help each other through hard times.

  2. It is so important we all do what we can. Your bunting is beautiful and all the more lovely for being made with love for a cause that we all feel so much for. Xx

  3. I LOVE your blog & I also thought I'd tell ya that you've got a permanent link on my blog page!
    Keep up the great blogging!
    Krystal @

  4. It's a great initiative and so wonderful to see the community spirit, and willingness of people to help out however they can. There will be so many people needing money for help, and I'm sure your bunting will be snapped up. Good woman you are! xx

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