March 9, 2011

Oilcloth Buntings and other pretty things

You may remember that on the 13th of February I did my first market stall.
After being a bundle of nerves at the thought of it, I had a fantastic time and was determined to do it all over again soon.  The next one was going to be the Swannanoa Country Fair on March 6th (last Sunday) but because of the devastating September 4th earthquake encore on February 22nd, lots of events planned for that weekend were cancelled (and rightly so).

I hadn't been listing much for sale lately because I wanted to save stock for my market stalls, but because we are now heading rapidly into Autumn, there won't be any more until Spring.  
So, here are some shots of what I have for sale...
Shabby Chic Dining Suite

Oilcloth Bunting Handmade by me :)

Along with my perennial favourite red dotty oilcloth, this rosebud one is my favourite at the moment, I just love it.

Vintage Doily Bunting handmade by me :)
Retro Red Dotty Stools - always popular!
Vintage Magazine Table with Oilcloth top
Denim, Grey and Ruffles pillow designed and made by me :)
Paris Pillow designed and made by me :)
Upcycled Chalkboard
The frame was already gold on this print, and while I am a silver girl (or white gold will do, hehe), I did think this looked ok left gold, and figured someone might like it...

Here is another chalkboard that I painted the frame on...
And a frame that I put chicken wire in...

And embellished with a couple of handmade linen rosettes that I hope Jami would be proud of :)

On the subject of fabric, I made this raggy heart-shaped wreath using a few of my favourite natural coloured fabrics, with a few pops of red thrown in.
You can see more of the heart shape better on this one...the 'rags' are shorter and narrower.

After the success of my Christmas Raggy Wreaths, I decided to make some 'Summer' ones.  
 Since starting a blog and getting hooked on an ever-increasing list of great other blogs, I have learnt that in the USA it seems to be quite a common custom to decorate for each 'holiday'.  We don't do that in New Zealand - well, we decorate for Christmas and that is about it.  Maybe some decorate for Halloween but that is an American 'holiday' anyway, not a NZ one.  So anyway, I thought I might try and change that, one front door at a time, with these...
Of course, I may have missed the boat on that somewhat, given that it is now Autumn.  I am not a fan of Autumn colours so don't see an Autumn one in my range at all....never mind, 'only' 6 long cold months and I can bring out a Spring one!  The Summer ones will keep...

Finally, as this post is long enough already, I did this wee phone table quite some time ago. 
This is the second one I have done - the first one was purchased by a lady who makes jewellery (Little Pearls for Little Girls) and she wanted it to use as a place to display her wares at markets.  I was thrilled that one of my creations would be out in public and seen by lots of shoppers!

Here is a link to a photo on her facebook page which has my phone table stool in it

Showing this off at
freckled laundry
That is it from me for now...tomorrow is a painting day for me so hopefully I will be back soon with some new finished projects to share :)

xx Karen


  1. Hi Karen,
    You have some gorgeous stuff...and you must have been really very busy. How is life over there?
    Take care, Pam x

  2. Love, love, love these pieces! The oilcloth bunting is on my to do list for the garden this summer, yours looks so cute!

    Your summer wreaths are beautiful, the colours work so well together, I'm sure they will be a great hit!

  3. Everything is just so GORGEOUS your market stall must surely be a great success!!

  4. Wow I just love looking at every picture Karen. You're certainly a whiz with the oil cloth! Your chairs I associate 100% with you. Good idea to think out of the box with the gold, as we're not all the same (thank god! I too am a white gold girl).
    Love what you did with the vintage mag rack, and your handmade Paris pillows are groovy/stylish and I'm feeling them! Agreed, Autumn colours do not rock my world. xx

  5. Wow, girl, you have some awesome items here. You are so very talented! I love everything. Great ideas, and so professional. My favorite is the little stool. Jami would be proud of those rosettes on the chicken wire:) Looks lovely!
    Becky C

  6. I love all of your beautiful items. That dinette set on the top is awesome!

  7. oh your colors and patterns all make me wish spring was here!

  8. I love the table and chair set! So pretty. Those stools are so cute too. I'd be taking the red one home with me if I lived nearby.

  9. Your things are all so lovely! HOpe you are doing well!