March 30, 2011

Recent completed projects

Hi there :)

I am as busy as a bee completing client commissions at the moment, and I have one to start on tomorrow that I am very excited about, due to a brave colour choice by my client...woohoo!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow night to give you a peek of the colour...until then, here is what the piece looks like now:
The seventh drawer is with the set, for some reason just wasn't in the picture my client sent me.

Oooooh I just can't wait to get started on this!

So here are some of the other finished bits that have gone to new homes...
It is a noticeboard, in case anyone is wondering...
little wooden clothespegs are the best thing to hold notes on with.

I whipped up some more of these pillows
and then had a play round and came up with my version of the popular Union Jack theme...
I am in love with it, so it is a keeper...but I can always make more!

I am working on this
and it should be finished tomorrow.

A piece from my stockroom has been selected for custom finishing and I started on it it is in its before state...
Don't worry, it is looking much better already.  Actually, looking at this photo again, I have to admire the client's ability to see past the UGLY that this was!

Well, how was that for an all-over-the-show post?  Welcome to my life...hehehe.

Will be back tomorrow with some progress, I hope!

xx Karen
freckled laundry


  1. Can't wait to see how they turn out! I've got some pieces I brought from an antique store which was closing down and really want to use some bold colours! Might take some inspiration from your fab work!

  2. Looks like lots of busy projects. I love your pillow creations.


  3. Can't wait to see them finished. The hutch is really looking good! And I love the union jack pillow!

  4. So much great stuff Karen! I'm especially loving your branching out into pillows!


  5. All those pieces you're working on have the big 'p' for potential factor. I'm keen to see the bold colour choice of the first piece when completed.
    The cushions are most excellent too, and I love the little rosettes attached to your noticeboard. You always have so much diversity in your posts with pictures. I like that. x

  6. You are a busy lady, Karen! I like everything you are working on. I didn't know you were making pillows. Good for you! I love that Paris one. My dream is to one day vacation in Paris. The notice board is pretty with the rosettes and a clever way to hang notes using clothes pins.

  7. Your UJ pillow is so cute! Cant wait to see how that big piece turns out!

  8. Karen your pillows are so cute! Love the Union Jack one. Great take on it. I just picked up some chicken wire, I may have to make a memo board. I need to go thrifting for some frames!

  9. So many great ideas! The Union Jack is very clever.

  10. Really beautifully done projects...and um, please pass the red and white polka dot chair!!!