March 16, 2011

Some more repeat business

As I showed you previously, I turned this
into this.
The client was also after a lowboy and a pair of bedside cabinets to match.
I had this lowboy in stock that suited her...
It actually was part of a set I purchased, the other part was this duchess which I showed you earlier today...
which I turned into this.  
The same client actually custom-ordered the black duchess for her other daughter, so in a way the bedroom suite will stay togther, even though one part of it is off-white and the other part is black :)
Notice the curved front to the drawers?  I think it is lovely.  The original duchess right up the top didn't have this curved front to it, but once the lowboy was painted and distressed the same, the client & I thought they would look great together.  Particularly since the had the same original handles, that we opted to keep.

Here is the part where I should show you the after shot of the lowboy.  I'd love to, I really would.  But the client came to pick it up and it was only after she'd left that I thought 'oh woops, I didn't take a photo of that'.  Woops is right!  Sorry!

Here is where I will try and put that right by showing you the next before and after....the bedsides.
The client looked for ages before finding a suitable set to go with the duchess and lowboy.  Again, they are a little different to the other pieces but luckily they happened to have exactly the same handles as the other two pieces, and all pieces had Queen Anne style cabriole legs.  
(Love those!)
Here they are in the before state...

One of them had quite a bit of sun fading but that wasn't going to matter once they were painted.  And here they are...this was a straightforward project, thankfully!

So now one lucky teenage girl has the shabby chic bedroom furniture of her dreams, I imagine.

Lucky girl!

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xx Karen


  1. Looks totally fabulous, I am particularly loving the black furniture, very classy!

  2. Beautiful I absolutely love the black totally inspirational!

  3. Karen I wouldn't have thought I would like black furniture but that duchess looks so wonderful! Inspirational!

  4. It all looks so professional.Love it. Pam x

  5. Gorgeous! I have a similar dresser, stool and bedside tables to your black one that I picked up cheap. It's painted a pale pink and is looking pretty tired but I planned to paint it black. After seeing yours I'm definitely doing it now! :)

  6. i love thos enightstands! they are soooo pretty! and those feet!

  7. Those little table are super duper cute! Glad it went more smoothly this time!! :)

  8. Lovely work.I adore Shabby Chic furniture.

  9. You did such a great job on all of them. I love the size and shape of that mirror. The nightstands are adorable in creamy white.