April 15, 2011

Before & After - French Style Tallboy

This tallboy was purchased directly from my Stockroom, and the buyer wanted it done it an off-white to cream, with an antiqued finish, similar to other pieces she had seen on my blog.

The client was great to work with, as she was very trusting of my abilities to understand what she wanted, and was sure that I would do a great job...she said that I was the artist and she was happy to leave the exact finish up to me.  Awesome - (almost) free reign! 

Sadly, I never even actually met her - we did all our arrangements over email, then when she picked it up, I wasn't home.

Here are some shots of the progress.  I also did a matching bedside cabinet at the same time, with the same finish.  The client wasn't in need of a bedside cabinet, so it is for sale.
 This is the bedside cabinet, painted and distressed but not glazed yet.
And the tallboy, painted but not distressed or glazed.
And here they are, all finished...
The light isn't the greatest sorry, I had to take the photos at 7am as I was heading out for the day and the client was coming to collect them while I was out.
I painted the handles and glazed them so they match the furniture...much better than the awful brass colour they were before!
I love the side panels on this piece, it adds so much character.
The client was thrilled with it.  This is what she emailed me after she picked it up...

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the beautiful
job you did on my tallboy.  I love it!  Picking it up brought a much-needed smile to my face; last week I was made redundant due to the blasted earthquake!  But now I see my lovely tallboy when I wake up in the mornings and it lightens my heart a little.  Keep up the lovely, creative work."

And that brought a smile (and a sigh of relief!) to my face.  Painted furniture is only stuff at the end of the day, and not really that important in the scheme of things.  Us Cantabrians have been reminded of that lately, more than ever, due to the earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks.  But while it is only stuff, something pretty can and does make some of us happy, and that is a good thing.  It keeps me sane creating it, and it keeps others going being able to enjoy it...and that is all good!

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April 13, 2011

Bright and Happy Dresser

Well first of all, this post is about two weeks overdue, sorry about that!  My poor blog has been a bit neglected lately, and the reason why will be revealed in due course :)

So, I will get on with a before and after completed last week.

My client had these set of drawers given to her, they had been in her family for ever.
 She went bright and bold with her colour choice which made it a fun job for me - she was inspired by this:
And this is what we ended up with:
The colour is Resene Riptide, apparently their closest match to the Tiffany Box blue.  Such a gorgeous colour, and I am sure it will look gorgeous in a little girl's room...which is exactly where it is going
(lucky little girl - I wonder if it will start her on a lifelong quest for Tiffany jewels to match?)

The client was thrilled with it, and I was too.
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xx Karen