May 28, 2011

Butlers Tray - Before and After

This is a recent makeover I did for a client...she brought me this butler's tray which I believe was originally sold as an 'outdoor' piece of furniture, and was stained with teak oil.  Here is what it looked like...
Nice enough, but just didn't fit the french country theme my client was after.  I gave it a good sanding to remove the teak oil, then sprayed it liberally with Oil and Grease Remover, to make sure the paint would adhere (having learnt the hard way about oil contaminating wooden furniture!) before priming it with Zinsser BIN.  I painted it with Resene Pearl Lusta, gave it a light distressing and here it is now...
A simple paintjob really makes all the difference to the feel of a piece :)
It can transform a piece of furniture that is just functional and useful, into something that you love as well.

xx Karen


  1. It is so pretty, Karen, and I love that little sign, too!

  2. It has a whole new feel now, and is now definitely a decorative piece of furniture. Really lovely Karen.

  3. It looks lovey, Karen! I just had an experience of paint not adhering to the surface! Not fun! I hope you and your family are doing well.

  4. ooooooohhhh so yummy!!!! I love what you have done with this!!!