May 2, 2011

Scenes that inspired me

from my recent North Island Trip... not more holiday snaps, just things that took my fancy...maybe you'll like them too...
Yes, I could live in a house that looked like this, no problem at all...isn't it gorgeous?  It is in Russell, Bay of Islands, and the beach is just across the road.  I think it had a sign outside saying it was for hire as a holiday let.
 Vintage advertisements from wartime, displayed in the National  Army Museum, Waiouru.

A gorgeous shop in a cute building in Cambridge
The one next door was gorgeous too...

I enjoyed browsing in the shop inside The Stone Store in Kerikeri.  They had some things for sale, and vintage grocery items etc on display...many of them looked familiar to me from long ago...and many more were well before my time!
 Kiwis will recognise the tomato sauce bottle - they are still going strong!  I had to explain to my daughter what the glass bottles in the crate were, and as I heard myself explaining all about how the milkman used to come around in a truck, and deliver milk, and we paid with tokens and not money, I felt very very old, like I was describing ancient history!  Oh how things have changed since I was a kid...I used to cringe when adults would say how it was 'in their day', and now I am doing it....arggggghhh!
The smaller glass bottle was of course for cream :)

I fell instantly in love with the pink fridge!
Oh and there were two really cute kids there showing off the pink fridge so I decided to take them home ;)
Awesome Art Deco building in Napier...unfortunately it rained the whole time we were there so I didn't get any other shots, but there are many many beautiful buildings there.
Treaty House, Waitangi...the birthplace of our amazing spot to visit (as long as you don't go on Waitangi Day!)
I love these type of flowers, and sadly, they don't grow where I live...they make me think of tropical holidays...
Now, these roses would grow where I live, if I could only remember the names of them!

Back to reality now...the usual program of Befores and Afters will resume shortly...holidays are great but I can't wait to get stuck back into some paint tins!

xx Karen


  1. Karen what lovely photos. I love the front decking/porch area in that house at the top! I could easily live there :)

  2. Glad you had a good holiday Karen. I was sorry to miss seeing you when I was up but will be up that way again sometime. Love the milk bottles. I remember that time too. It's sad isn't it, having to explain to your kids what typewriters were and why you had to stand in one place when you talked on an old telephone etc.etc. Enjoy getting back into the paint.

  3. You guys look like you had a fantastic trip! How wonderful to be able to travel and see so much. Loved looking at the pictures. Your kids are so stinkin cute!

  4. I bought a red tomato sauce bottle a few months ago, when I was back in NZ.
    The milkman, tokens, glass bottles... with cream on top of the milk.... those were the days!
    One of my blog readers sent me over some 'longest drink in town' hard souviner milkshake cups... so kiwi!