July 30, 2011

Chairs for Nicki

Nicki rang me a few weeks back, saying she wanted to buy some chairs, but only if she knew I could paint them for her.  I hadn't met Nicki before but she had purchased this tallboy from me (she picked it up when I wans't home).  She absolutely loved the tallboy and wanted the chairs in the same sort of finish.

So I said, go ahead, buy the chairs...and she did :)
This is what they looked like when she dropped them off to me...
The chairs had a lovely shape, but an awful finish.  I got to work washing and prepping them, then sprayed on a coat of Zinsser BIN.  I then painted with Resene Parchment.
After the paint had suitably cured, I distressed using a sanding sponge and a Mouse sander.
I distressed these chairs reasonably lightly as I didn't want too much of the original wood tome to show through, it was far too orange to look nice.  I knew that the next step would add the character and depth we were after...glazing!
 Here is a chair leg smothered in my own glaze recipe...wood stain gel, water, and water-based poly.  It dries very quickly so it pays to work only in small areas at a time...slapping it on then wiping it off with a wet cloth.
One chair glazed, one not.
Nicki is doing some new seat covers herself, and has promised to send me some photos once they are done...I am looking forward to seeing what she chooses!

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xx Karen


  1. I love the paint and distressing you did on the chairs. They are very french looking!


  2. Those look beautiful, Karen!

  3. Just BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much for sharing how you did them!

  4. Those chairs look a LOT like the set I just finished! (I'll be posting it tomorrow). Love them, you did a fantastic job!!


  5. Love it!!!!! Those chairs are so perfect!!

  6. Those chairs are gorgeous...

    especially after your nice treatment and painting.

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