July 10, 2011

Red Polka Dot and Shabby Floral Stool Makeovers

Sarah came to me with these stools that were in dire need of some Restyled Vintage upcycling...
I got to work cleaning them up, and stripping the tops off them.  I primed, then painted them with a lovely off white, Resene Pearl Lusta.  Once the painting was done, I distressed the stools, then I handed them over to my upholsterer who made new oilcloth outfits for them.  Here they are, all done...
The cross-bar is so low on the stool because it has been cut down at some stage...still looks ok though.
To finish off the piano stool, I gave it a bit of a wash with Resene Linen to break up the clean white look, and give it a bit of character.  The 'Linen' colour is green so it ties in nicely with the green in the floral print oilcloth.
They certainly don't look dark and dingy anymore, and now belong in a home rather than a junk shop!

xx Karen


  1. Sweet little stools! I love the fabrics and paint colors.


  2. So cute! Looking at them makes me feel happy :D

  3. Great upcycles. Now they pop.
    - Joy

  4. Love them. Makes such a difference. Well done you! x

  5. those are so cute! i always love your signature fabrics and colors! i think of you when i see aqua, pink, and red together.
    and by the way, i am soooooo happy for you! i know that this new chapter of your life is going to be filled with many wonderful things!

  6. Gorgeous Stools Karen - you've got that magic touch!!

    Wishing you and your family all the best in your new life in Oz - and look forward to seeing you back in blogland again very soon.

    Take care
    Shane x

  7. Those stools look fantastic.