October 23, 2011

Before and After: Pale Blue Hutch Dresser

This was my last New Zealand-done project, and one I never got to photograph or blog about before it was wrapped up and stuck in the container bound for Oz!

This hutch has been hanging around a while.  It spent last summer on my back deck, as mentioned here.

This is what it looked like up there...
Kind of cute, but I like it much better now...
An bonus of leaving it semi-exposed to the elements for several months was the lovely patina the now-peeling varnish gave the hutch.  I gave it a light sand to get rid of the peeling bits, then primed with BIN and painted it all over with Resene Karen Walker Periglacial Blue (LOVE that colour!)  I then highlighted the shelf front edges, the top edge of the lower cabinet, and the door inserts with Resene Half Akaroa, before distressing the whole piece with my mouse sander (I wanted it to look rough!)
Those little 'scratch' marks you see above are courtesy of the peeling varnish.  Perfect.
The white you see peeping through is the BIN sealer.  It works best as a base coat that you want to distress back down to if you have applied it with a sprayer (those that have brushed it on will understand why...it is sticky horrid stuff to brush on!)  I just press the mouse sander down lighter where I want the BIN sealer to stay, and use a heavier hand when I want to distress back to timber.
The pink teapot and enamel jug belonged to my Grandma, I have had them for 15 years now.  I found the small green enamel mug in an op shop.
I picked up the Cup Cakes sign at a Spring Craft Fete around 4 years ago.  I fell in love with the colours on it and still love them just as much today as I did then.  The Le Parfait preserving jar was a local op shop find for 50c.  I also have a taller one of the same brand, found at the same time for the same price..it currently has some of the kids' treats in it...although it is emptying fast!
I think those little crown things are meant to be Christmas decorations.  I bought them at a craft market earlier this year (well after last Christmas!) for $1.50 each.   I think they are gorgeous, and too nice to spend most of the year shoved away in a box :)

This hutch is for sale, please contact me via email if you are interested in purchasing it.

I also did a dining suite to match this hutch, as seen here :)

xx Karen