November 30, 2011

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

This furniture I purchased in Christchurch, and shipped to Australia in its 'before' state.  
It is quite common in NZ, and although I haven't seen any here, I am sure it is around.
The handles were all intact, and I quite like them. I think they suit the style of the furniture, so I left them as is.
I was going to paint the furniture off white, but then when I went to buy some paint (I had to leave my extensive paint collection in NZ as the removalists wouldn't ship it), I found a gorgeous baby blue mistint and had to try it out.  I am glad I did, here is the end result...
I did the body of the drawers in the baby blue, then used white on the drawers.  I really like the contrast.
Over the paintwork I used a clear beeswax, then a dark oak wax sparingly in places to give it a bit of an aged look.  Doing the clear wax first helps to limit the dark wax 'grabbing' the paintwork too heavily, and makes it much easier to remove if you apply too much.  Trust me.  I have learnt that from experience :)

This set has been sold.


  1. Your dresser looks fabulous! I love the paint colors you chose!

  2. that is beautiful, karen!!! i love the colors and the light distressing!

  3. I can't believe that blue was a "mistint"... it's such a pretty colour!

  4. Hi Karen, great job on the dresser. These pieces are hard to find here so good job you bought it with you. Sandy x

  5. Very pretty! Just the right amount of distressing :) -Jill

  6. Lovely piece and your workmanship is outstanding. I love the light blue with the creamy white. And you have just the knack for knowing how much to distress. That's always my struggle. Thanks for the inspiration. It's truly lovely.

  7. Loving that colour Karen. Glad things are going so well for you. xx

  8. These are beautiful pieces Karen. I love the handles and you found the perfect shade to paint them.

  9. Soft blue is one of my favorite colors! I find it so serene. This is beautiful, Karen. A lovely contrast with the creamy white on the drawers.