November 21, 2011

Shabby Chic Retro Kitchen Chairs

Yeah, Shabby Chic and Retro in the same sentence sounds a bit odd, but that is really what I think these chairs are.  Back in Rangiora, I had collected a set of four and a pair that were a similar frame shape.  I had them tucked away, tempted to keep them, but prepared to let them go if a buyer came along looking for some.  

I don't have an actual before photo of them all, but some were like this:
When we decided we were moving to Australia, the time had come to do something with the chairs, as it would be my last opportunity to have my lovely upholsterer man work his magic :(

I had purchased some gorgeous pink rosebud oilcloth months earlier, when we were away on holiday, with the plan to use that on the chairs.  The trouble was, I had only purchased 2m of it, and each chair takes 0.5m.  Problem, but not for long.  I devised a plan.  I'll let the pictures do the talking now...
I am thrilled with how they turned out, and actually pleased that I had to think of a solution when I didn't have enough of the pink fabric.  Polka dots make everything cuter in my book!

These chairs are a definite keeper, but if you are local, and have some like this that would like a similar makeover, please contact me.

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  1. I so do love these stools that you create! I was only thinking about them this morning how they are retro yet shabby. I think the combination of both is genius. You are going to have to stalk out reupholsters and befriend them to get them to do as good a job as your last one I think. It's beautiful work. I wish I could do it myself! x

  2. these are SO fun! you are so good with these types of projects- love it!

  3. I love these chairs, Karen! Polka dots are so happy! The mix of the fabrics is great...kind of whimsical!

  4. those are so adorable! they make me happy just looking at them, so cheery :)

  5. Awesome!! I think they look better than if you'd had enough fabric and done them all in the pink...the polka dots really make them!!
    Great job!

  6. Those are so very amazing. Love. Love. Love. My husband (who should have been born sometime in the 30's) would love them in our home -- and me too, for that matter.

  7. This isn't typically my style, but I LOVE these...they are so charming!

  8. You gave a nice design with the rosebud oilcloth. The chairs looks babyish

  9. I read your fantastic post. Your all chair is really very nice and all chairs are looks very beautiful.

  10. That looks awesome. I love them so much. Well done! I have a similar table design & have been wanting to paint it. I really like how you painted the legs blue & left the top timber. Nice.