September 26, 2011

Port Macquarie Finds

Those of us that like to hunt down junk to upcycle all have our favourite spots for finding treasures.

When I lived in Rangiora, New Zealand, I certainly had my little circuit of Op Shops, Recycling Centres, Auction Houses and sometimes garage sales that I would frequent on an embarrassingly regular basis.  I knew where to head, I knew how to get there, I knew their opening hours, and I knew which part of the store to make a beeline for.  I also knew which stores weren't usually worth the bother of finding a car park and getting the kids out of the car for!

Then I moved countries, so amongst the normal challenges that creates, I had to find a whole new set of places to treasure hunt at...what fun!

Thankfully, Port Macquarie has several Op Shops and two Tender Centres.  I haven't looked for Auction houses yet but I am sure there must be one or two at least.  After four weeks here, I have learnt my way right around town and have quickly worked out my favourite spots (no I am not going to share them on here, sorry!)

Here are a few things that I have picked up so far (in their 'before' states)
I couldn't believe my luck when I found a pair of these lovely chairs at an Op Shop!  They are in fantastic condition, really sturdy and no damage at all.  The crystal decanter in the first shot was an op-shop find too...I can't resist them!
I am in the process of painting the chairs off white.  I'll either recover the seat cushions or if I see some ready-made ones that take my fancy, I'll grab them.  I got the 'home' cushion at a bed linen shop in Port Central, on sale for $10.
This coffee table does have a glass top not shown in the photo.  I have actually repainted this already, using Rustoleum's Oil rubbed Bronze, but haven't taken 'after' photos of it yet...must do that soon!
This wooden ladder has a broken step at the bottom but is still lovely...well it will be once it gets the whitewash treatment.  I think it would make a great shelf or side table...
Any initial worries of not being able to find stuff to upcycle have well and truly been put to rest.  All I need now is some more time to get my projects done!

xx Karen