November 30, 2011

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

This furniture I purchased in Christchurch, and shipped to Australia in its 'before' state.  
It is quite common in NZ, and although I haven't seen any here, I am sure it is around.
The handles were all intact, and I quite like them. I think they suit the style of the furniture, so I left them as is.
I was going to paint the furniture off white, but then when I went to buy some paint (I had to leave my extensive paint collection in NZ as the removalists wouldn't ship it), I found a gorgeous baby blue mistint and had to try it out.  I am glad I did, here is the end result...
I did the body of the drawers in the baby blue, then used white on the drawers.  I really like the contrast.
Over the paintwork I used a clear beeswax, then a dark oak wax sparingly in places to give it a bit of an aged look.  Doing the clear wax first helps to limit the dark wax 'grabbing' the paintwork too heavily, and makes it much easier to remove if you apply too much.  Trust me.  I have learnt that from experience :)

This set has been sold.

November 28, 2011

Exciting news!

I am thrilled to announce that my items are now available for sale at Piper and Rush, a gorgeous homewares and gift store located in William Street, Port Macquarie.

We did our first stock delivery yesterday.  It included...

Pale Blue Hutch Dresser
Pale Blue Dining Suite with four Taupe Rosebud Chairs
A selection of Christmas Raggy Wreaths
Plus other things that I just realised I haven't even photographed yet....oops!

Also in the store now are four Taupe Gingham Industrial Stools, a French Grey 'Wot-not', and a round white shabby chic dining table.  

I will be going to the shop in the next day or so to take some photos of it all set up, which of course I will share here :)

In the meantime, if you are local, head on down there and have a look!

November 21, 2011

Shabby Chic Retro Kitchen Chairs

Yeah, Shabby Chic and Retro in the same sentence sounds a bit odd, but that is really what I think these chairs are.  Back in Rangiora, I had collected a set of four and a pair that were a similar frame shape.  I had them tucked away, tempted to keep them, but prepared to let them go if a buyer came along looking for some.  

I don't have an actual before photo of them all, but some were like this:
When we decided we were moving to Australia, the time had come to do something with the chairs, as it would be my last opportunity to have my lovely upholsterer man work his magic :(

I had purchased some gorgeous pink rosebud oilcloth months earlier, when we were away on holiday, with the plan to use that on the chairs.  The trouble was, I had only purchased 2m of it, and each chair takes 0.5m.  Problem, but not for long.  I devised a plan.  I'll let the pictures do the talking now...
I am thrilled with how they turned out, and actually pleased that I had to think of a solution when I didn't have enough of the pink fabric.  Polka dots make everything cuter in my book!

These chairs are a definite keeper, but if you are local, and have some like this that would like a similar makeover, please contact me.

I am sharing this post over at
All Things Thrifty - Share your chair transformations


November 18, 2011

Recent Finds

I am loving doing the rounds of the op shops in my new home are a few of my recent purchases...
I love crochet blankets, they remind me of my Grandma, who loved to crochet.  I love the bright, random colours and wonder who spent all the hours making this one.  Why anyone would get rid of this, I cannot fathom, but I do see the irony in a heavy woollen blanket hanging over my swimming pool fence, in a climate that is hitting 30 degrees celcius more often than not ;)  
I had to part with $4 for it (the blanket, not the pool).

This outdoor dining suite was also a recent op-shop find.  It has 4 slightly curved bench seats that fit nicely around the table.  I do plan on painting it white, but it is definitely a job for my spray gun, and I don't have anywhere to use it at this back lawn!  The spotty tablecloth was $5 from Spotlight.
Here is another recently purchased crochet treasure.  This one was $2.
It is in wonderful condition.
This is my undercover outdoor living area (clothes dryer, kids bikes, and all, lol).
Bunting made by me.
This is our swingseat that we shipped over from NZ.  It is really comfortable, and the back folds down flat and becomes a bed.  One day I'd like to recover the seat pad, but it is fine for now.  The floral fabric at the back is vintage barkcloth sewn over an old woollen blanket.  It is pretty worn with some holes, and at some stage I will re-use the good parts of the fabric for a project.  The two cushions at the front were made by me.

This is from Bunnings, not an op shop, but I did buy it recently :)  It is a Frangipani and I absolutely love the flowers.  They don't grow where I am from, so of course I had to get one now I live somewhere more tropical.  It was all just stumps when I got it, so it looks like I am treating it well.  I am not sure when it will start to flower...hopefully soon!
I spied this little red beauty at the op shop and had to have it.  
Here it is with one of my new crochet blankets...
are here it is with my most favourite new purchase of all (NOT from an op shop!)
Yep, I am the very proud owner of a 2004 Daffodil Yellow New Beetle.  Totally impractical for someone who loves hauling furniture around, but that wasn't going to stop me!  I have been a Beetle fan forever, and have long wanted to own a 'new' one.  I like that the new beetle itself is a 'restyled vintage' and well, I am Restyled Vintage.  
Seemed like it was meant to be :)

November 16, 2011

Christmas Raggy Wreaths - 2011 Series

Last year, I gave these a go for the first time.  They turned out very well, and I loved making them.  I made them in small quantities to keep them original and unique - no mass-production going on here!

Here are some of last year's models (all sold):
And here is the first batch of this year's:
I currently have 4 available, and they will be for sale soon on my trademe listings.  I will post them to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.